Lunchbot 3d printer: Decorates a traditional Japanese lunch box

3d printing and its applications are being explored by most developed as well as developing countries. It gives us immense pleasure to report the latest and the best uses of 3d printing in various industries. We have seen 3d printers making anything from a pin to a plane, however the unique use of a 3d printer by Yoshihiro Asano a Japanese guy has even surprised us.

Lunchbot 3d printer

Yoshihiro Asano has hacked a Soliddoodle 3d printer to decorate bento lunch box a traditional Japanese lunch box. The hacked printer has been rightly named as Lunchbot. Unlike other developers working on the concept of food 3d printer, Lunchbot does not print real food products like chocolates and pastas. It works is limited to decorating the rice inside the bento lunchbox. Name has replaced the extruder of the soliddoodle printer with pressure pumps which secrete furikake flakes (a dry Japanese seasoning meant to be sprinkled on top of rice. It typically consists of a mixture of dried and ground fish, sesame seeds, chopped seaweed, sugar, salt, and monosodium glutamate.) The printer plots the intricate designs the printer has been fed with on the rice inside the bento box.

Lunchbot 3d printer

Even though the concept of Lunchbot may sound silly to westerns, it's been a crowd puller in the Japanese market. The Japanese are known to have gone to great lengths when it comes to decorating mundane food contents inside bento box, and a machine doing that for them has really excites them.

Lunchbot 3d printer

The development of the Lunchbot had its own difficulties, because the printer does not print on a flat surface.The developer had to struggle with the rice sticking to the extruder. The other problem was working the furikakeflakes; he explained that extruding them is a long painstaking process. Printing complex designs on the rice can sometimes take as long as a day.

Lunchbot 3d printer

Projects like Lunchbot are a certain inspiration for people looking for unconventional uses of 3d printers; the best bit of our work is that we see 3d printing helping solve everyday problems at ease. These solutions are not provided by big companies, but by individuals with limited resources.

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