4 New LUTUM 3D printers to revolutionize Digital Pottery

3d printing is probably the most versatile technological development we have seen for a long time. While we keep reporting about different kinds of Plastic based printers, companies like Vormvrij remind us that there is more to 3d printing than just plastic. The beauty of 3d printing is that with a little modification to an everyday FDM printer it can be hacked into making products like Chocolates, pancakes and even Clay pottery. Vormvrij a Dutch company has announced 4 new 3d printers that can print using CLAY.


These Clay printing LUTUM 3D printers are available in all shapes and sizes and also features the world’s first dual color claystruder which allows the user to print two colors or different kinds of clay on a single print. The company has launched 4 variants of these 3d printers, they are mentioned below.


LUTUM Original available featuring a base system with a continuous flow clay tank for €4655

  • Printing material: Softened Clay (multiple varieties and colors)
  • Printer dimensions: 1040mm x 960mm x 1300mm
  • Extruder: Brass/steel Extruders with single nozzle, and one continuous flow nozzle.
  • Build volume: 650mm x 700mm x 700mm
  • Print speed: 30mm/s for rounded parts or 15mm/s for cornered parts
  • Maximum print speed: 100mm/Sec (3mm extrusion width and 1.5mm extrusion height)
  • Tolerance: X 1mm, Y 1mm, Z 1mm, depending on clay body and height of the print.
  • Connectivity: USB or SD card
  • Software: Works with All open source like Slic3r, Pronterface, Repetier
  • Firmware: Customized Marlin
  • Electronics: Arduino mega master board, Ramps 1.4 rev3 printer, Large 12864 LCD panel.

LUTUM® UNO base system with single extruder Priced at €4999.


LUTUM® RapidPro base system with double extruder and 2 clay tanks Priced at €5500.

LUTUM® MAX-XLbase system with double extruder, 2 XL and 1 normal clay tank €5858.

All these printers come as semi assembled units, and a proprietary clay storage clay storage and pressure vessels which can withstand working pressure of 72psi. LUTUM 3D printers are pretty quick at printing as well. They are almost 6 times faster than the regular FDM and SLA type printers and also give the freedom to stop midway and modify the design or make corrections. The use of Clay as raw material also makes it one of the cheapest printers in terms of the running cost. The entry cost of the €4655 may act as a deterrent, however, we feel the advantages of LUTUM printers are way higher than its shortcomings.


VormVrij is a company owned by Yao and Marlieke, two graduates from Design Academy Eindhoven, Netherlands. They also plans to sell add-ons that can enhance the Digital Pottery making experience. These add-ons include preparation tools, different extruder types, ceramics oven, cement mixer and air compressor.LUTUM 3D printers are truly a state of the art machines made to revolutionize Digital Pottery!! What do you guys think? Do share your views and opinions with our readers.

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