Magic Candy Factory launches 3D printer for candy

By now the world has realized that 3D is no more a mere thing for any industry. It ha s boosted the innovations and ideas of food industry too. People might not know the use of 3D printers in daily life but as simple google search would give a clear idea of what 3D printing is capable of. German company, called Katjes, which has established itself as a very successful candy maker, has now decided to take things up a to another level by innovating the world’s first 3D printer for “gum” candy. Everyone is familiar with Gummy Bears, Gummy Savers and Gummy Worms, but wouldn’t it be nice if you could create your very own gummy candy in the shape, flavor, and size desired? Katjes has made this possible by its fancy looking FDM/FFF based 3D printer. The printer actually prints gooey delectable treats – candies.

3D Printer for Candy

Most recently, the German Company behind the Magic Candy Factory called the Katjes Fassin had setup its latest 3D printer at Dublin Airport, Ireland. The printer in bound to be sale in the market in the month of April and was just to give the travellers a demo of it on St. Pattrick’s Day. The Magic Candy Factory is a 3D printer than will print customized gummy candies right in front of hungry customers’ eyes, making them tempt with the innovations. Katjes has already started installing these 3Dprinters in candy stores all over the world. Earlier in the month the very first Magic Candy Factory opened for business in the Dubai mall at a confectionery store called Candylicious. Apart from all that the demand for 3D printed candies is on a rise, and Katjes’ Magic Factory landing at the Dubin airport is a clear proof. It was put up in the Loop that is the retail space at the Dublin Airport. The retail space is operated by Aer Rianta Internatonal and had collaborated with Katjes’ to setup their latest Magic Candy Factory FDM 3D Printer that has won hearts of many at Dubai and Berlin.

On St. Patrick’s Day the Dublin Airport surprised it travelers by making their journey more delightful and sweeter by launching the airport’s new Magic Candy Factory at Terminal 1. Travelers were given flyers and pamphlets to just take a sneak peak of the 3D candy printer. And as it was St. Patrick ’s Day green candies were everywhere. The Magic Candy Factory 3D prints fruits-based gummy candies that are vegan, gluten free and a dairy free product. They may sound healthy but are surely not like other gummy candies they are full of sugar. While 3Dprinting is now being used to print all kind of food products Katjes is just being limited with gummy candies as of now. The standard price of the candy is about €5.00 ($6.00) each depending upon the size of the candy the prices may differ.

3D Printer for Candy

The pop up store at the airport will remain open till 27th march until it moves to its permanent location at the Candy Cloud that is the confectionary are of the loop. “We are thrilled to bring the Magic Candy Factory to Candy Cloud in Terminal 1,” said Christine McNamara, Confectionery Buyer for The Loop. “Designing your own sweets and seeing them being made in a matter of minutes offers something new and exciting for all our passengers that they can’t get anywhere else in Europe. We’re proud to be launching our truly delicious and ground-breaking concept with a significant player such as ARI in the global travel retail industry,” said Melissa Snover, Managing Director of Katjes Fassin UK. “We hope to open up many more airport locations as our products are easy to take with you on a plane and also as an individual souvenir for your loved ones back at home.”

3D Printer for Candy

The official launch of the Magic Candy Factory is scheduled in the month of April. It is able to create 3D printed pectin-based fruit candies in less than 5 minutes. This will be the second Magic Candy Factory in the world and also the next Magic Candy Factory will open at a U.S. store in May. A crave for the sweet tooth!!!!

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