Make a DIY 3D printed 7" portable HDMI monitor

The world is moving beyond conventional desktop computers, they are quickly being replaced by smart phones and tablets. While they do serve as an alternative for the younger generation who have learnt their way to complete common tasks on these smaller display devices, for old school people like us we still miss the good old desktops. To look cool I replaced my old desktop with a raspberry pi minicomputer, but without a display it’s a useless piece of electronics. I badly wanted a portable display that works with my Raspberry pi and after a little bit of research I stumbled upon a DIY instruction for a 3D printed 7" portable HDMI monitor on Adfruit.

DIY 3D printed 7" portable HDMI monitor

According to the adafruit website the cost of making the portable monitor is less than $100, and can be used as a display monitor for the Raspberry pi, a second monitor for your existing computer and also works as a second monitor for your DSLR Camera. To make this portable 7’ HDMI Display you need a HDMI 7" 800x480 Display Backpack which does not support touch, however if you need it to be touch responsive you might need to add AR1100 USB resistive touch screen driver.

DIY 3D printed 7" portable HDMI monitor

The default display kit contains TFP401 for decoding video which supports 800x480 displays and can manage most video codec’s thrown at it. The display bag pack by itself is just a wire frame device which means it needs added equipments to make it useful. Adafruit has mentioned a few of them E.g. 2 SPDT slide switches, a DC/DC step down, a JST extension, a camera battery holder and some adaptors to hold everything.

 DIY 3D printed 7" portable HDMI monitor

The assembly of the parts mentioned above can be a piece of cake if you follow the instructions on the Adafruit website. Once you have your circuits and electronics sorted you would need a case for the portable display. Adfruit has also uploaded STL files for the case for this display; the case has to be printed In 2 parts. The 3d printable parts are optimized to be print without support and can take up to four and a half hours to complete at 10% infill. You could choose any filament to print the case; Adafruit used PLA to make their casing.

DIY 3D printed 7" portable HDMI monitor

I am already on my way procuring all the things needed for this portable HDMI monitor, I plan to use it as a replacement entertainment device while I am on the run and use it as a computer screen for my Raspberry Pi. What are you guys planning to use if for? Do share your views with us and our viewers.

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