Make yourself more important with your own 3D Printed Bust

Self portraits are almost fading with new and modern technologies. In schools, universities and government buildings you will find a lot of head and shoulder sculptures of significant people who have passed away. Usually these sculptures are made or carved out of stone or metal, generally giving the “look at me! I’m distinguished! I’ve done important things! Be thankful for my existence!”” message. But 3D printing has made this a lot more easier. To make yourself a 3D portrait and an object of remembrance and significane you can now easily 3D print your sculpture

3D Printed Bust

Michelano 3D is a Vietnamese company located in Jo Chi Minh City. The company has made possible for anyone to easily create a 3D bust of themselves with help of a 3D scanner and a 3D printer. The company’s service is to 3D scan and print a portrait of a person and deliver it a more classy and classical way than a 3D printed selfie can look. The scanning process just takes a few minutes. You can just drop by at Michelano 3D and the will scan you with a white light scanning and after that within 7 days a 3d printed portrait will be delivered at your doorstep.

Along with the portrait a 3D file will also be delivered if you want to print more of them in future. A basic white or black model of about 95 cm will cost around 800,000 VND ($32 USD) whereas additional prints may cost you another 150,000 VND ($7 USD). They also have larger models available with additional costing. Also they have services like the 48-hour Express service and also a 24-hour Super Express Service while also providing the choice to be printed or painted in copper.

To promote its new services Michelano 3D is providing an discount of 10% if you get a portrait now and 15% off for a group of two or more people. The 3D printed portraits have a fine detailing and accuracy to it and have the metallic sheen giving them a look of significance of a traditionally constructed busts have. This shows that the company is giving in their hard work for such quality work. These 3D busts might take a time to be looked and and remembered as a piece of significance. You can attract people attention the bust and make people believe in its significance.

3D Printed Bust

Across the country there are a number of companies providing 3D printed selfie models, Michelano’s works seems to be more detailed and appealing as a 3D sculpture. It is one of the companies that are specifically dedicated to 3D printed portraiture of such kind. If you are not able to reach them they can be contacted at their email address at

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