Mbot Desktop 3D Printers For Everyone

15 Nov

Mbot Desktop 3D Printers For Everyone

Magicfirm is the first 3d printing service provider which was started in 2009 and later in 2011 they started their manufacturing of 3d printers since then they are the best sellers who providing the best and high quality 3d printers worldwide. They have such an excellent researchers in current market as well in engineering who understand the current demand and need of users.

Offering from kits to fully assembled they comes with three models which include 1 Kit and two fully working condition 3d printer. All these kit and fully assembled 3d printer comes with 1.75 extruder and that support main printing material of ABS and PLA, with many features that includes USB, SD card with SDHC support. At this market level providing best products at very affordable rate is big deal.

mbot grid II

Basically the Mbot cube kit comes with single head extruder, but you wish to buy dual extruder you have spent an extra $50 from your pocket which is more worthy when compare to other competitors and completing the kit with sleek plywood, Well they provide as fully assembled for people who feels the assembling is the toughest thing to do better fit for home and other uses.


And the latest upgraded Mbot Grid II 3d printer comes with fully assemble finishing with strong metal available with both single extruder and dual extruder with $100 difference their ultimate goal is to provide user friendly 3d printer with all features included at quite well at cheap price comparing their competitors.

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Mbot Desktop 3D Printers For Everyone
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