Meet Eva, Automata’s 3D Printed Robotic Arm

The Robotic Arm or in other words industrial Robots have played a very vital role in the fast paced growth of the manufacturing factories of the 21st century. These automatically controlled reprogrammable, multipurpose manipulator programmable robots have successful taken over the work that was performed by hands in the factories of the world. Thus has helped factories fulfill the ever growing demand of goods required by their customers. Until now these Robotic Arms have been only used in large factories as they are very expensive to get but things are about to change very soon.

eva 3d printed robotic arm

Mostafa ElSayed & Suryansh Chandraare the owners of a company called Automata, which has plans to make 3D printed Robotic Arm which would be roughly the size of a human hand. This would allow smaller companies to automate and digitize their fabrication work.

Automata website tries to explain, “We believe robotic automation can bring a huge amount of creativity in addition to enhancing productivity to small businesses and individual users. Over the coming years, these will change the way we live and work. But first, these robots need to become a whole lot easier to use, safer to work beside, and substantially more affordable. Eva is our first product in our commitment to meet those goals, by being a low-cost, easy to use and lightweight robotic arm. We like to think of Eva as an assistant that can give you a helping hand in a variety of uses whether you’re a business, hobbyist, or an educator.”

eva 3d printed robotic arm

Automata’s EVA robotic arm would be available as a DIY kit and weight just 2.5 KG, with most of the external frame and some internal parts being made using 3d printers. This proposed robotic arm would be able to complete tasks with the precision movements at 1 mm, and 6 DOF (degrees of freedom).

The company also showed off their choreoGraph app which will be used to program the Robotic Arm. The App would allow the Robotic arm to learn the movement patterns when users move the arm in a motion or action. The Software records and learns the choreography of the arm motion and replicates it. The company claims to have made the software easy to use and promises it to be as simple as using smartphones.

eva 3d printed robotic arm

The Rumor mill tells that Automataare planning to launch the robotic arm for something less than $2000. This cannot be confirmed until the Eva hand is officially available for sales. Who know may be by next year we would be reporting about how a 3D printed Arm 3D printer is making an army of 3d Printed Arms.

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