Micheal Laine uses 3d printer to create zoetrope

27 Oct

Micheal Laine uses 3d printer to create zoetrope

Addictive manufacturing is being used in art as well in cinemas many cartoon movie makers, 3D movie makers are now using 3d printer to get the object as 3d printed one. Graduate from Northumbria Universtity has used 3d printer in order to make a new cinema.

Michael Laine who has completed his degree in animations utilized makerbot 3d printer and Microsoft Kincet scanner to make his movie. He first scanned him completely using scanner and then converted into 3d printed object to make his movie.

Baltic Centre for Contemporary

He did two project one for his own and one for the production company Baltic Centre for Contemporary Arts and Channel 4. After the completion of the movie it was screened in D & AD festival show and was awarded for as best movie. Taking this as positive note he moved further forward to create another movie.

Michael said he was very much new to 3d printing when he was provided a 3d printer “I used a Makerbot Replicator (2) to print the models for this project and a Microsoft Kinect to scan myself in 3D. After correcting and cleaning up the model of myself in Maya I took it into the motion capture plug-in to get the animation. From there I took a snippet of animation along the timeline and exported each frame as an .OBJ file to bring into Makerware for printing.”

Image Credit: Marine Hugonnier

Chris Joel (Author)

Micheal Laine uses 3d printer to create zoetrope
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