Micro 3D - The First Truly Consumer 3D Printer

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M3D - The First Truly Consumer 3D Printer

Designed to be accessible to everyone, M3D comes fully assembled, has a 4.5" cube build volume, can print in ABS, and accepts standard 1.75mm filaments while using open-source software.

According to co-founder Michael Armani, a bioengineer Ph.D., the Micro resulted from years of constant dialogue between engineering, arts, and manufacturing - how to make a good looking device while keep the cost low? This led to 15 innovations in the field of 3D printing. One of them is a special Micro Motion Technology, a sensor system that measures and correct position errors, providing inteligent positioning feedback for precision. This technology allows the team to use fewer and lower cost components to achive better performance.

The Micro 3D printer also features the carbon fiber rods for a sturdy and lightweight build. Other innovations include an aerospace grade ceramic heater system that allows the printer to heat up to print temperatures in seconds in a very confined space, a multi-calibration system ensuring reliable prints and concealed filament compartment for swaping out filament with ease.

The Micro is space efficient, it is ~10 times lighter that other printers, reducing material and shipping costs. In addition The Micro is designed to use less energy. Co-founder David Jones says it uses only 5 volts and 15 watts, ten times less than the MakerBot Replicator 2 (24 volts and 150 watts).

Lead Time (Processing/Shipping Handling Time): 3 Business days


Micro 3d printer
Micro 3d printer
Micro 3d printer
Micro 3d printer
Micro 3d printer


Micro 3D Printer Features


What's Included?

  • M3D software for an effortless, plug-and-play experience.
  • Micro motion sensor for accuracy and ease of use.
  • USB cable.
  • Power Adapter (Country-Specific).
  • Instructions.
  • Warranty. Standard Edition: 3 Months warranty. Retail Edition: 1 Year Warranty.

Technical Specifications:

Micro 3d printer
  • Supports many different materials: ABS, PLA, nylon, professional, chameleon.
  • 50-350 micron layer resolution.
  • 15 micron X and Y positioning accuracy.
  • Filament: standard 1.75mm. 1/2lb rolls fit within print bed and allow you to try a variety of materials and colors for less! Standard filament rolls also supported.
  • Print height: 116mm (4.6").
  • Base Print Area: 109mm x 113mm
  • Print Area Above 74mm: 91mm x 84mm.
  • Removable Print Bed Size: 128x128mm.
  • Printer Dimensions: It's a cube, 7.3 in (185 mm) per side.
  • Printer weight: 1kg (2.2 lbs).
  • Package weight: 2kg - 2.7kg (4.4 lbs - 6 lbs).
  • USB Compatible.


  • M3D software for an effortless, plug-and-play experience.
  • File Types Supported: .stl, .obj.
  • Compatible with Mac and PC.


Technical Specifications
Print size ( X Y Z ) 109 x 113 x 116 mm
The Layer Thickness 0.05 mm
Layer Resolution 50 to 350 microns
Filament Compatibility ABS, PLA, Nylon and Chameleon
Filament Diameter 1.75 mm
Nozzle Diameter 0.4 mm
Print Plate Size 128 x 128 mm
No.of Extruders One
Power Requirements 5 V and 15 W
Connectivity (Interface) USB
3D printing Software M3D software
CAD Input data file format supported .stl, .obj, .xyz
Client Operating System Windows and MAC
Machine weight 1 Kg
Shipping box weight 3 Kg
Lead time 3 Business days
Shipping Location USA
Manufacturer Warranty 3 Months (Standard Edition), 1 Year (Retail Edition).
| 1 reviews
The M3D is my first 3D printer and I am really happy - it really is plug and print. My 12 year old son loves using it. Software has been updated so now the print quality is very good. <p>The software can automatically insert supports, but sometimes off (looking to start using Meshmixer to place my own supports). A few tips - use Blue Painters Tape and forget about ABS. Buy Polymaker PolyMax filament which I find prints perfectly every time (and very strong), better than M3D filament. </p> <p> Do not use the internal spool - easier to mount externally so you can change filament colours.</p> <p>Three negatives: </p> <ul> <li>Slow printing (all FDM printers are slow, but the M3D is extra slow - I print overnight). </li> <li> No SD card printing (I use an old PC). </li> <li> Small print area - but good for 90% of what I need. So overall, very happy with the M3D printer, probably not for everyone - but good to get started and meet most of your 3D printing needs.</li> </ul>

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