Micron 3DP shows promising results for 3d printing with glass

Over the past few years we have also seen a lot of new 3d printing materials like carbon Fiber, T Glass, Hips, Nylon, Copper and iron infused filaments being launched into the market, we have also seen a lot of companies launch DIY filament extruders that can use recycle plastic. Even after all this development there is one material that eluded us until now and it is actual glass, but things are about to change – Thanks to Micron3DP.

Glass 3d printing

Micron3DP, is an Israel based company that specializes in design manufacturing and assembly of high end extruders, hot ends and accessories for the hobby and professional 3d printing market. The company seems to be all guns blazing as just a few days ago the company announced a professional grade all-metal COBRA extruder and now they have announced a Breakthrough in 3D printing glass!

Glass 3d printing

There have been many companies in the past that have tried printing using glass, but have failed miserable. So what is Micron3DP doing different? They are the 1st company to have tried 3d printing glass in the hot molten state. Micron had succeeded in printing ‘soft’ glass at a temperature of 850 degrees, as well as borosilicate glass at a melting temperature of 1640 degrees Celsius.

Working with glass is extremely delicate, the melting point of glass his way higher than any plastic known to man and the molten glass cools rapidly. So while 3d printing glass part if there is sudden change In temperature between layers of the print, the whole print can go into thermal shock and break apart. It is similar to the warping effect we have with FDM based printers however at a much larger scale. To prevent this from happening the company needs to find a complete revolutionary way of dealing with glass for 3d printing.

Glass 3d printing

The company claims that the application for 3d printed glass is enormous with industries like art industry, medicine, security, architecture, aerospace and others. Currently the company is looking for strategic investor to fund their research with molten glass printing techniques.

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