Microsoft upgraded software: “3D Builder App R5”

23 Oct

 Microsoft upgraded software: “3D Builder App R5”

Microsoft software company working along with 3D systems through software collaborations have already launched software for 3d printer users named 3D builder application that enable users but applicable only for windows 8.1 and for this year November they are seaming to launch their most notable software in 3d printing industry.

3D system might feel lucky to have collaboration with Microsoft Company as they are the big giant in software field. The most leading and most famous software company has decided to upgrade its 3D Builder application with many more additional features.

Microsoft 3d builder app

Microsoft has created a new button “Buy Print” in the new upgraded software “3D Builder App R5”through which users has the opportunity to get whatever print they want, it doesn’t really matter even if they didn’t own 3d printer all they need to do is just order the print, since 3d print has its own limit on print material they can order print under 3d systems print material they could print like opaque, mixed material, metallic etc. they have also added features like saving our files as .stl, windows RT support and few more.

Along with the above update they have brought some considerable changes in this latest software which will surely attract more 3d printing users all over the world. With biggies involved 3d printing technology it has moved on to another level to set many milestones to break.

Image Source:Microsoft

Chris Joel (Author)

 Microsoft upgraded software: “3D Builder App R5”
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