Minitoy 3D Printer from Weistek Co Ltd

“Children have real understanding only of that which they invent themselves” – Jean Piaget.

I remember being the happiest in school when we had Art and Craft classes, as it gave me the freedom to be me and not being judged for not remembering things that were not significant to be mugged up and learnt to be at the tip of the tongue. Thankfully the education these days focuses of STEAM based education and more importance is given to practical knowledge than theoretical learning.

Minitoy 3D Printer

Over the past year or so 3D Printing has proven its mantle to be potent tools in helping educators impart the STEAM knowledge into students. However as we all know that 3d Printing is an evolving technology, it’s never been easy to work with one. This has made a lot of educational institutes stay away from it, but things are about to change.

Weistek Co., Ltd. A Chinese company has launched a crowdfunding Kickstarter campaign for a 3D Printer called - MiniToy 3D Printer. The company claims it to be ‘The World’s First Kid-friendly and STEAM Ready 3D printer.’

Minitoy 3D Printer

MiniToy 3D printer, comes as a complete assembled unit that aims to be a plug and play and easy to use at the same time. The company claims that the printer is so simple that it can even be used by your Grandma. The printer comes with Wifi connectivity and an app which focuses on 3d prints which encourages the children to use it the most efficient way.

Minitoy 3D Printer

To make it more attractive for the young pupils the company makes MiniToy 3D printer in bright yellow color. The company has taken extra care with the filament loading system, as we all know that the printer extruders are extremely hot. The company also announced the printing materials (filaments) to be toxic-free and environmentally-friendly. The Seamless closed form factor and the ease of use made this printer get the Most Promising Electronics Gadgets award at the 2016 Global Sources Electronics Show.

Minitoy 3D Printer

If all this sounds to be too good there is more for you!! The printer has a printing bed size of 170 x 130 x 140mm and costs just $299 and can be booked immediately on Kickstarter.

Minitoy 3D Printer



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