Music that makes you skip a heartbeat with 3d printing

It is said that Music is the Soul of Life, it can heal broken hearts and these are not just idioms made to personify the power of music nut these are phrases that are closer to reality than any other. Over a long period of time there have been scientists experimenting to find how music affects human being and it’s now a proven fact that humans are hard-wired to respond to music. Studies also suggest that someday music may even help patients heal from Parkinson's disease or a stroke.

So when DJ Piotr Bejnar was once playing at a show which made him performs right in the middle of crowd he realized that he could feel peoples heart pumping. This inspired him to experiment and find out how the power of his music made peoples heart react and get firsthand data of how people in different parts of the party hall get the feel of is music. He named this as the Heartbeats project; it was his attempt to connect with his audience in a new and dynamic way.

3d printing heartbeat project

As a start for the Heartbeat project DJ Piotr Bejnar started monitoring his own heartbeat rhythms while playing his music and then asked his friends to volunteer. But the sample size was never going to be enough to come to some logical conclusion; he needed to think out of the box to collect data from larger audience.

Bejnar, turned to 3d printing and IOT to develop an indigenous device that could collect heart rate patterns from a crowd and transmit the data to his laptop. The heartbeat project used a Zotrac M200 printer to create a wearable device that was fitted with heart rate monitors, some funky led lights and a wifi connection module that could transmit the live user data to the central location (Bejnar’s laptop in this case.)

3d printing heartbeat project

Bejnar’s Heartbeats project debuted at Ballantines’ Stay True Stories event in Warsaw, Poland. A large number of crowds was given the 3d printed band and asked to wear it until the party was over. As the music took the center stage the bracelet started sending information to the DJ console which came through as bass beats, the information was also shown live as Graphic notations on large display screen at the event.

3D Printing just proved yet again that it when clubbed with IOT can make wonders happen, who know we may one day stop buying pre designed devices and rather have custom made devices for specific purposes. You might call me a dreamer but then who really thought this kind of experiment was possible just a few years ago.

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