My Driving Pal: A 3d printed smart tracking device

3d Printing as we know it today is a versatile tool; it can be used to make anything from 3d printed cars to jet engines of commercial airplanes. 3d printers is like a multi talented kid which can really excel in all things he does, but deep down the heart of everything its core competency is Rapid Prototyping. What was unthinkable to make in smaller quantities is now become possible thanks to the effective use of 3d printer and scanners of today.

My Driving Pal

With the every growing range of 3d printers and the ability to easily replicate manufacturing process people and companies are evaluating the idea of using them for actual production. And why not? I think it is completely possible to make 3d printed product lot cheaper than the traditionally manufactured part especially in the case of customized products.

My Driving Pal

Let us explain with example.

Shahram Rezaei of San Ramon, California has an experience of 15 years for making LBS, mobile apps and vehicular safety. He decided to make a smart tracker called My Driving Pal, and wanted to know the best way to manufacture the products. The smart tracker Shahram Rezaei wanted to make was a highly customized product as it was a combination hardware device and Smartphone app that monitors a variety of different things in a person’s life including a child, a bicycle or even a car.

My Driving Pal

Because the developer wanted the product to be such that it can be fitted in any kind of vehicle, it was impossible to settle down for a single design. The idea of using injection molded parts was thrown out of the window as it would increase the cost of the final product. Then he decided to contact Sculpteo’s 3D printing service, to find alternative production methods. Multiple versions of the My Driving Pal device were designed with the help of designers at Sculpteo 3d. This meant that the development of the product could begin without using traditional expensive tools and also could be customized according the customers preference to color and size of their devices.

My Driving Pal

Talking about My Driving Pal Mr. Rezaei said, “Imagine the peace of mind you will have if, for example, you are visiting Disneyland with your children and one of them wanders off. Instead of panicking, you will be able to track them and locate them immediately; our tracking device is designed to monitor your 2 to 10-year-old child, typically the age group that does not have a Smartphone.”

Mr. Rezaei, has launched the first version of the device on Kickstarter and it’s called "MDP Device 1". The company is planning a smaller version of the tracker called "MDP Device 1s". The backend servers required for the smooth running of the device are ready and running on Amazon Cloud EC2. The Apps that displays the data sent by the device to the server and relayed to different kinds of Smartphone’s are ready as well.

My Driving Pal

My Driving Pal Devices is a perfect example of a customized product design. Every version of the product the company launches would be designed for a particular kind of market. This can only be done if you adapt to 3d printed manufacturing techniques. Hail 3D Printing !!

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