New 'Chargemander' Pokémon Battery Case

08 Sep

New 'Chargemander' Pokémon Battery Case

There is more good news for the lovers of Pokémon Go as GogoToro, the Brooklyn-based designer duo have created a new 'Chargemander' Pokémon 3D printed battery case with 300% longer-lasting capability!

First Impressions: Longer Gaming Hours are No Longer an Issue!

This battery case allows an impressive gaming time of around 33-hours with a minimal 15 minute charge time. Designers Reid Covington and Chase Larson have added firepower to this charging case with a 5200 mAh battery that charges 16 times faster than the standard power banks. This translates into uninterrupted gaming for longer durations as the game’s reliance on GPS and heavy graphics often resulted in quick drain of battery from the smartphones.

Improved Battery Life to End Nagging Charging Cycles

Pokémon Go players were faced with the persistent problem of their devices getting switched off mid-game and started relying on 3D printed Pokémon charger cases to deal with the issue. This has led GogoToro to come up with 'Chargemander' Pokémon battery 3D case which does not require a separate charging cord rather charges itself once it is connected to a smartphone that has reached 100% battery charge. The robust design and sturdy exterior shell of the 3D printed case allows direct loading of the smartphone in the case and also provides ultimate protection to the device from accidental drops. The Chargemander can double up as a mobile stand and comes with the characteristic red, yellow, and green lights of the Pokédex that reflect the battery status once you press the attached blue button.

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Design Inspirations: Chargemander Caters to Premium Smartphones

The clever design of Chargemander from GogoToro has been inspired by the classic Pokédex which definitely provides it an edge over the 3D printed cases such as Poké Ball which we have seen so far. It has managed to set a new benchmark owing to the titular pun as well as the long battery life. However, the final version of the 3D Chargemander printed case will not be 3D printed but the Ash Ketchum and co. inspired prototype is definitely garnering much attention owing to its efficacy. GogoToro is aiming for Chargemander cases designed exclusively for Samsung Galaxy S6 & S7 as well as iPhone models starting from 5 to iPhone 7 following the success of the 3D prototypes.

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Get Your Hands on Chargemander 3D Battery Case Now!

The company has managed to reach its $15,000 goal in the Kickstarter campaign within a day of its product going live. Till now, the $59 special early bird Chargemander cases have already been snapped while some of the $69 Early Bird models are still up for grabs before the standard cases prices at $89 hit the market. Consumers anywhere in the world can get their hands on this 3D printed smartphone battery case as soon as shipping starts in October 2016.

Image Source: SparkFun

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New 'Chargemander' Pokémon Battery Case
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