Ninjaflex 3D Printed Custom Apple Watch Band: DIY

12 Mar

Ninjaflex 3D Printed Custom Apple Watch Band: DIY

The contributors of the Adafruit prolific Ruiz Brothers have finally arrived with their newly made DIY 3D printing project – namely 3D printed wristbands for the Apple watch which is for sure to be enjoyed by the Apple enthusiasts. The tutorial shows for this project further helps people in knowing how with the use of simple tools, flexible filament and a 3D printer, one can create their own DIY wristwatch bands.

The Tutorial

The tutorial not only teaches the process of creating the wristwatch bands but also encompasses the instructions for creating the two different types of wristwatch bands – Batman-inspired utility band and a more designed oriented band. The instruction for batman inspired utility band features how to hold small tools and an audio adaptor for the Apple watch whereas the instructions for oriented band features a pattern of hexagon.

Well if you are interested in creating your own 3D printed Apple watch band, then you must require few supplies ranging from the Apple watch to Ninjaflex filament and Apple watch connectors, which can even be ordered online for about $3. Also, for printing you can even reach out to a local 3D print service in case if you don’t have an FDM 3D handy printer.

The Ninjaflex

Making it an easy and accessible material to work with especially with the ones like wearables, the Ninjaflex also known as Thermoplastic Polyurethane can even be printed using most commercial 3D printers. Further, Noe Ruiz states that as the band was simply to be wrapped onto the wrist using printing therefore the 3D model can be designed flat using Ninjaflex.

And once you get all the parts for printing wristband then you can pursue with the process of 3D printing for creating one. The adjustments for a small or a large sized band can be made in advance as the 3D models which were provided by the Ruiz are not only fitted to his wrist but also does not include any sizing holes. And to make sure that adjusting the size of the band should be a cinch, therefore some user parameters were even included by Ruiz.

Settings to Be Considered While Performing the Process

For optimal printing, one must make sure to make use of few settings as a reference with flexible filaments that was provided by the Ruiz brothers.


  • Extruder Temperature: 235/240 degree Celsius
  • With non-heated bed: use blue painters tape or PrintInZ surface
  • With a heated bed: set to 50/65 degrees Celsius
  • Print speed: 30mm/s
  • Movement speed: 60mm/s
  • First layer speed: 50%
  • Retraction distance: 1mm
  • Retraction speed: 30mm/s

The dual extrusion 3D printer can be made use of in case you are printing the two-tone hexagonal band. Even the single 3D extruder can be used by simply pausing the print, swapping the filament and thereby making it resume. And if anybody else has too have a different method for printing two-tone prints then even that method can be made in use.


And once you are done with the 3D printing of the parts of bands, then the assembly for Apple watch can be resumed. Firstly, the original Apple bands should be removed using the quick release mechanism followed by installing the 3D printed bands to the Apple watch connector pieces. These 3D printed bands should be installed in right orientation exactly as it was shown in the photo. You will even notice each connector holding three little bumpers across the stem each with black color on one side and gray or chrome on the other. And the sides with the three black bumpers should be made faced up with the top side of the bands.

Being more careful about not to lose the tiny screws, one needs to unscrew their tiny axles first with the help of 0.8 Star Bit to make the connectors install. And once you are finished with the unscrewing of one axle on each connector then you can screw them back securely by easily install the watch bands onto them. Slide the connectors into the Apple watch and presto once both the band parts are fastened to the connectors – thereby lending yourself with a new watch.


Featuring two small rectangular nubs, the wristwatch band can further be made pushed through corresponding holes on the opposite side to fasten it around your wrist. Being keen interested in seeing what comes up next by the talented Ruiz Brothers, it becomes difficult to wait for one!

Image Credit: AdaFruit Industries/Youtube

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Ninjaflex 3D Printed Custom Apple Watch Band: DIY
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