Nutritious Super Natural Food 3D Printer:

27 Dec

Nutritious Super Natural Food 3D Printer:

We have seen printers printing edible foods like chocolates, sugar candies, pasta, pizza and many more but what excites us is that there is no end level for this 3d printing technology, as days progress the more updates and interesting stuffs are coming out from addictive technology.

Israeli start up 3d printing company has come out with an innovative idea by making a 3d printer which will make not just regular foods but hygienic super natural food. Tsipi and Bill shoham experts in nutrition research and engineering desire to build a bridge distance among farming along with 3d printing publishing in a way that helps make consuming vegetables enjoyment among youngsters.

Super food 3d printer

Tsipi and Bill shoham are couples who want to provide healthy foods to their kids and at the same time they want to make sure the kids loves to eat. Since tsipi has extensive knowledge in nutrition knows the value of having algae in your foods that has ability to prevent cancer kind of diseases. With her husband they together planned to make a machine that delivers either as juice or as paste that can be mixed with other items. Though it looks much greeny and worried about the taste the food has super natural power and very good for health.

Since they have already got approval from US Food and Drug Administration for this new food product they are now planning to launch in three different size depends on the requirements of home, restaurants and for farming.

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Nutritious Super Natural Food 3D Printer:
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