NX1 3D printer that prints at centimeter per minute

3D Printing just like any other technology comes with its shortcomings, and according to me the biggest one would be the slow printing speed of most printers. Whenever I am talking about this amazing technology I feel embarrassed to talk about the speed at which a 3d printer makes products. This shortcoming is the single most factor holding back the growth and acceptance of this technology. Sceptics of 3D Printing have long targeted the slowness of this tech to prove that 3d Printing is not the technology that will replace the existing production methods. They say that to change the manufacturing industry, the parts need to be printed in minutes, not hours. And I would not blame them as their point is valid, but things are set to change forever.

nx1 3d printer

Nexa3D a roman company has developed a fast LSPc resin NX1 3D printer, which can print at the speed of centimeter per minute without compromising on quality. NX1 3D printer prints at am unimaginable speed and could truly revolutionary the 3D Printing industry.

Nexa3D is a company owned by 3 engineers vizGianni Zitelli, specialized in information technology, electronics , electrical engineering and energy, Luciano Tringali, a veteran with forty years’ worth of engineering experience and director at Enel Industry, and digital entrepreneur Andrea Denaro. The team of these veteran engineers understood the short coming of the 3D printing industry and focused on making a product that revolutionizes the 3D printing sector and sets a benchmark for other companies to follow.

nx1 3d printer

NX1 3D printer, using aLSPc technology, or Lubricant Sublayer Photocuring which is a new 3D Printing technique developed with the hard work and research that took 2 years.

How Does LSPc technology Work?

This technology does not work on the conventional bottom-up approaches used by DLP and SLA 3D printers, the Nexa3D issued an official statement explaining the technology which said ‘LSPc™ interposes a transparent self-lubricating film between the bottom of the tank, the photo-curing resin and the light source. By gradually releasing a layer of oil, this enables the finished resin to solidify while suspended on the substrate. At the heart of system lies the oil, creating an inhibitor sublayer that allows the build platform to avoid the detachment of the layer newly formed. Using a sequential partially continuous process for a perfect three-dimensional object formation; erasing completely the need to use an extraction tilting system as traditional technologies, and capable of giving rise to a continuous printing process.The motor in the heart of the machine imparts a central thrust force to a build platform, using four mechanical arms. This avoids any mechanical stress so as to deliver top-quality print accuracy and outstandingly high resolution,’

NX1 3D printer has a build volume of 120x90x200mm with connectivity options like Wi-Fi or Ethernet connection. It also has a cartridge system for refueling the printer with the required resin, and the Cleaning Cartridges makes it easy refill resins of different colors. On the downside the printer used a Custom resin that is sold just by Nexa3D, The Company explained that ‘Our specific proprietary resin is an integral part of the LPSc technology. Other resins don't deliver anywhere near the same performance as ours and could actually damage your machine. Bear in mind, however, that the purchase price will be especially low compared with other mixes currently on the market. And the quality and variety are also top-notch.’

nx1 3d printer

The NX1 3D printer is available on Kickstarter for the early birds for € 1,399 and is scheduled to be shipped by March 2016.

Source: Kickstarter

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