One more life saved, thanks to 3D Printing

22 Jun

One more life saved, thanks to 3D Printing

I am sure we all must have lost someone we know because of Cancer; it’s one of the leading causes of unnatural deaths worldwide. According to a census held in 2012 Cancer caused roughly 8.2 Million deaths, and with more than 14.1 Millions known cases we can only contemplate how many more deaths we might expect in the next few years. One of the most important reasons for these deaths is low early detection rate, expensive treatments and very few skilled doctors to treat these patients.

Ms. Green, from Utah was one such unfortunate lady who got Kidney cancer, the doctors asked her to get her MRI and CT scans done which clearly showed that the cancerous tumor was deeply lodged inside the kidney. Removing this tumor would certainly save her life, however removing it without damaging the other parts of the kidney was a real challenge for her Doctor. Jay Bishoff.

The Doctor who were to conduct the surgery at the Intermountain Medical Center, had a difficult choice at hand, doing the surgery had its own risks and any small mistake would mean that Ms. Green would lose her kidneys or they could just poison her to death.

Dr. Bishoff decided to use the 3D Printing technology to make a replica of the tumor lodged kidney so that they could use it as simulation model and perform a trail surgery over it. We know that this was not the first time this technique was used, however its probably the first time this technique is used to remove a tumor from one’s body.

3d printed kidney?

The doctor had to used expensive muti material 3D printing techniques which was able to generate model in Multi color, this made it easy to identify tumor from the actual kidney parts. While the final model was very expensive the doctors said it was extremely important in deciding the outcome of the surgery.

Dr. Bishoff said “We could not appreciate the peak of the tumor that was growing up into the drainage system of the kidney until we did the 3D reconstruction and 3D printing,”

Dr. Bishoff, conducted a successful surgery on Ms. Green and she is now out of the hospital and recuperation at her home in Utah. The local press spoke to her after the surgery and she said, “I could’ve ended up with infection across my outer body or bleeding out,” Green said, definitely understanding the gravity of the procedure.”

“When the surgery was over and he came out to talk to me, I really thought he was going to tell me that he had to take the kidney out,” Green’s husband said.

One more life saved thanks to the pro active use of 3D printing technology, We are sure that the application of this technology will only grow manifolds thanks to the ever growing reduction the production costs, and access to cheaper 3d printers. Happy 3D Printing Folks.

image Source: Good4Utah

Chris Joel (Author)

One more life saved, thanks to 3D Printing
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