Open Sourcing the Board Gaming Platform with Open Board Game

18 Mar

Open Sourcing the Board Gaming Platform with Open Board Game

We all have grown up playing board games like Monopoly, Chess and Snakes and Ladders. We all remember the childhood fights we had over a game and we all have fond memories of the happy family time we had over these games. Until mid 1980’s it was the only indoor gaming we knew, and then came the computers and the Computer gaming industry almost destroyed the board gaming. I know that Board game is fun, however the problem is that today’s generation is so spoilt for choices that the simplicity of such games do not interest them. With 3d printing, changing everything we know, I so dearly hoped that the board gaming can make a comeback. For me Open Board Game Open Board Game platform is like a long time wish come true.

3d printed board game

The Board Gaming industry may not like people printing things that can replace the original pieces of the games; they might start suing people for copyright infringements. So folks at Open Board games decided to rethink this gaming industry, and encourage people to develop new games for the gen next. They have taken this amazing idea to crowdfunding at Indigogo.

With Open Board Game it wants to become a platform/community for designing and constructing original 3D printed board games. The designing idea revolves around multi functional hexagonal pattern; the rest depends on the imagination of the designer.

3d printed open board game

The Hexagon tiles can be either put one next to the other horizontally of can put one on the other to add a different dimension to the game. The open source nature of the gaming platform gives you the added benefit of adding motors, sensors, LED’s and servos to spice up the gaming experience. If you feel you have made something remarkable or if you are out of ideas you can share the design to the community and ask for ideas from others.

The OBJ Platform is designed by Bryan Salt and his company ThinkerThing, he said “We've been making games for 25 years and been developing for 3D printing for the last three. We're passionate about gaming and we want you to revolutionize the way board games are produced, new technology allows you to do just that,’ he writes. ‘We have been developing the Open Board Game framework bricks for over 6 months, working with hundreds of prototypes and possible layouts. The result is a trouble free, easy to print, interconnecting board that can be adapted and refined by you, the community.”

3d printed board game

Mr. Salt has already made two games to illustrate the endless possibilities of this platform, Rust to Dust and Miomon. He was excited to say “[The first] an advance war style strategy battle game with 56 fantastic Battle Robot Figurines. This first game to be designed to work with the interlocking board pieces of the open board game is our test bed and we want to involve you the community in its final stage development,’ Salt writes. ‘The robots have 3 classes, Range, Bruiser and Infantry, each with their own benefits and weaknesses. Attributes that are defined on their accompanying collectible playing cards.’Miomon, meanwhile, is a Pokémon-like card game in an earlier stage of development.

To make this Intriguing platform a reality Mr. Salt is looking to raise $28,000 at Indigogo. If you happen to be an early adopter and invest into this crowdfunding, you will get a beta access to the member site or get 3D printed miniatures for the Rust to Dust board game. The reward depends on the money invested. Check out the video below to see Open Board Game in its full glory here.

Image & Video:Bryan salt

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Open Sourcing the Board Gaming Platform with Open Board Game
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