Orbitrec a 3D Printed Smart Bicycle unveiled at CES 2016

06 Jan

Orbitrec a 3D Printed Smart Bicycle unveiled at CES 2016

CES is the time of the year when major smart devices manufacturers announce their products, and this year is no different. During the event however has been significant as there have been many smaller companies participating with some breathtaking products. on such company is Tokyo-based Cerevo Inc. which has unveiled a completely new type of Bicycle.

3d printed Smart Bicycle?

The Company calls it the Orbitrec, the company new cycle has features which had being unheard off till now. Orbitrec is probably the first cycle to feature a custom-built titanium 3D printed frame which means the bike is not just super strong its super lightweight as well. But that's not all the smart cycle has 9-axis internal sensors that can sync with an app on your smartprhone and show information like any temperature changes and road conditions. The sensors on the cycle can also send out SOS signals in case of an accident or an emergency.

Designed and produced through a collaboration with Triple Bottom Line, DMM.make AKIBA, and ABBALab, the New Cycle is created under the companies XON series, which is basically their 'Smart Sports Product' range. Their idea is to make products based on the IOT (Internet Of Things) and Orbitrec is a perfect example of it.

3d printed Smart Bicycle?

The 3D Printed frames for the Smart Cycle was made by another Japanese company NTT Data Engineering Systems. The company used their Hi tech Titanium 3D Printed to make the joints for the cycle and the company used high-quality carbon fiber tubes to make the complete cycle. This way the company managed to keep the cost of the cycle under check while making sure that the customizability was not lost. The company claims that due to this mix of the old and the new manufacturing method the company can now make cycles for people of all shapes and sizes.

The 9 Sensors inside the Orbitrec Cycles are capable of sensing the following

  • Acceleration
  • Angular velocity
  • Geomagnetism
  • Temperature
  • Humidity,
  • Atmosphere
  • Illuminance sensors (tells the cycles brain to turn on the lights before entering a tunnel)
  • GPS

The data collected from these sensors can be uploaded to the cloud using the Internet connectivity of the smart phones. This data can be used by other riders to know the cycling conditions of the road, as this data can be real time it would be far more accurate than any other commercial data service providers. This data can also be shared with other riders through Bluetooth and ANT+ connectivity.

3d printed Smart Bicycle?

The Orbitrec bike can be ordered for as less as $7000 and the company promises to deliver the same within 1 month of placing the order. The Price of this new cycle is pretty much in the range of professional grade cycles available today however this new cycles guarantee to take cycling to a new and unseen domains. It's a beginning of connected devices of the future and we are loving it.

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Orbitrec a 3D Printed Smart Bicycle unveiled at CES 2016
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