‘Pebble Time’ 3D Printable Accessories

26 Feb

‘Pebble Time’ 3D Printable Accessories

The new model of pebble time raised almost 5 million dollar in the initial six hours of the announcement of their new smartwatch. The journey started at 9:44 am when the pebble team launched it on kickstarter and as soon as the news of launch broke the project was successfully funded with a total hit of 1 million dollar making it the fastest project ever to hit the milestone within 1 hour of its news launch and its racking up cash fast which is almost about $16000 a minute on an average.

Pebble Time 3D Printable Accessories

Pebble Time features a 7 days of battery life, its water resistant, and the most interesting feature is that The company will provide files for 3D printing accessories for watch to make it amazingly customizable. Pebble time is a device which features technology like a built in microphone and an accelerometer, with an extremely scratch resistant Gorilla glass screen and a stainless groove to hold the glass of the watch.

To overcome the daily problems of a user the pebble team came up with the new interface the company calls Timeline to which they named as the pebble’s software which helps in sorting out the personal information and notifications according to past, present and future. “You already plan your day around time, so it makes sense for your Pebble to be organized around the same principle,” they say. “Now your notifications, news, reminders and events are laid out chronologically instead of being trapped inside separate apps.”

Pebble Time is companies third watch release in the last three years, and pebble team claims it to be 20% slimmer than before with a detachable band. Through kickstarter, the watches are available for $179, but the full retail price is set to be $199 following the close of campaign at the end of March.

But perhaps the most interesting facet of the campaign for makers is the fact that the pebble community will be able to get their hands on data and files to allow them to 3D print accessories for their watches. Anyone with the access to a 3d printer would be able to make their own Belts and watch casing. One may also redesign the files available to suit their own needs. The pebble time will be available at participating retailers by May, but the company offered interested consumers early access to time by backing it on Kickstarter.

"This is a throwback to our humble beginnings," said Pebble CEO Eric Migicovsky of the Kickstarter push. "We want to get this in front of the people who matter to us, like the people who have used the product, who backed us on Kickstarter, who have supported the community. We think this is the most efficient and effective way to get our new product on to their wrists as soon as possible. Pebble Time will work on both iOS and Android smartphones.

What do you think about this Initiative by Pebble to introduce 3d printable files for its accessories? Do you think other watch makers should follow suit? Do share your views and opinions with us.


Image Source:Pepple Time Smartwatch

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‘Pebble Time’ 3D Printable Accessories
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