Portable Human Body 3D Scanner

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Portable Human Body 3D Scanner

Our 3d scanner features:

  • Portable: Our scanner is a simple portable 3D scanner. It allows you to easily scan something which is immovable or deform, soft.
  • There is no need to add marked points: Unlike other 3D scanner, there is no need to put many marked points on scanning the surface in the process of scanning an object, the software can make a single real-time scanning surface split into a whole three-dimensional model by using geometric feature itself.
  • Fast scanning speed: The maximum scanning speed can reach up to 600000 points per second, and EZCAPES protable 3D scanner is ten times faster than the ordinary one.
  • Large scanning range: It can scan wide range of objects from 1 cubic meters to tens of meters
  • It can scan moving objects: Because the protable 3D scanner and camera works similarly, so it can not only scan the static objects, but also can scan dynamic objects, especially suitable for obtaining human action and film production in the dynamic facial expressions.
  • Colorful 3D scanning: Protable 3D scanner can capture the bright colors (24 bit color).


portable 3d scanner


Technical Specifications:

  • Operating Temperature: 10-40°C
  • Data Interface: USB 2.0
  • Operation Range: 600-5000mm
  • Field of View (Horizontal, Vertical Dia.); 58.5,50,75(H,V,D)
  • Depth Image Size: 640*480 (VGA)
  • Spatial X/Y Resolution: @400mm:0.3mm; @500mm:0.6mm ;@1200mm:1mm
  • Depth Resolution: @400mm:0.03cm;@500mm:0.08cm ;@1200mm:0.3cm
  • VGA Depth Image: 640*480 (VGA)
  • File Export format: .ply .obj .stl

Working process:

1) Start scanning.

Click the scanning start button before scanning human or scanning entity, and the scanning process will begin immediately. The operation is very simple. The user can watch the object to be scanned, while watching the scanning data software interface, keep moving the scanning position, until finishing the scanning process.

2) Moving scanner around the body or an object.

By continuous scanning around the body or an object to be measured, it will make you have a good understanding of what has been scanned, and what hasn't been scanned. If you are unable to obtain images in a certain area, you can return to rescan them later.

3) Completing the scanning process.

After scanning a round, then you will obtain 3D model of a person or a big object.The user can scan continuously around the scanned human body or realize a wide range of scanning.

Field of application:

  • It can scan virtual crime scene and record the scene of the accident.
  • To protect cultural relic site in mine tunnel, rock, or morphology analysis.
  • To help build 3D model of a person immediately.

System Requirements:

  • CPU – I5 or better
  • RAM - at least 8GB
  • Video Card – better than NVIDIA Geforce GT 650
  • OS - Windows 7, 64 bit is recommended

Warranty and After-sale Service:

Package contents:a 3D scanner,a instructional software and a softdog.

All the goods are inspected before shipment,so if you are not satisfied with the purchase,please contact us timely.guarantee period is one year. If the problem falls into the range of guarantee,we will provide free service,otherwise,we will charge as market price.We will also charge as market price when guarantee period is overdue.


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Lead Time: 5 days

Warranty : 1 Year

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Portable Human Body 3D Scanner
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