Portable Light Weight Suitcase 3D Printer

19 Oct

Portable Light Weight Suitcase 3D Printer

We cannot carry desktop system so we created laptop, so does the internet we created wireless internet connection by bringing data card in market, technology made our living to our ease. 3d printer always being the next revolution is going to reach another land mark. New arising company is going to launch a 3d printer which is like suitcase in shape that can be carry anywhere along with your like laptop and data card.

suitcase 3d printer

The project is still under testing but it looks very promising that it’s going to make a remarkable change in 3d printing design, the basic model of the printer is just resemble a suitcase, when we open the suitcase it becomes printable 3d printer. It sort of resembles one of those current sorts of turntables; symbols of the current vinyl recovery. We would prefer also the saying "fashionable person" yet goodness, we did. The printer was composed by Dutch plan understudy Floris Hoff, who as of now has a history in 3d printing, in light of the fact that he interned at TNO and chipped away at a 3d printer for chocolate. For this new extend, he's cooperating with Fablab Maastricht, a Maastricht-based Fablab foundation from his father.

portable 3d printer

The weight of this machine is too light to carry on anywhere you wish to, and the design is such that it has feasibility of folding mechanism that enables the printer to be safe and secure inside, and along with this they have created a new extruder that has the ability to print multi material altogether. The printer is definitely going head turner, and who knows this might get trend in 3d printing which might impress other to follow suitcase 3d printer.

Image Source:Zdnet

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Portable Light Weight Suitcase 3D Printer
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