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Delta 3D Printers

Delta 3D Printers

What’s a Delta 3d printer and do I need it?

These days 3D Printers come in different shapes and sizes, but did you know that most of these printers are work on two different mechanisms?

One of them being the Cartesian system which is the most common form factor (80% of the 3d printers work on this system) and the other being the Delta System. The difference between them is  that Cartesian 3d printers has moving parts which can be left to right, front to back and up and down, it also has to have a moving platform.

This system is the easiest for the printer to move from point A to point B because a straight line is just one plane or one axis moving. On the down side the printer moves a lot while printing causing the prints to have lesser accuracy and limitation of the build size.

Delta 3D printers on the other hand have a fixed build platform and the printing is done by the moving robotic arms. Resulting the printer to have capability to print faster and more accurately (The print never moves giving better stability to the larger and taller prints.

Delta printers look fancier as well!!

Delta 3D printers are preferred if you are looking to build things that are taller and need bigger build volume e.g. a vase, figurines, or even a real building.

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