Geeetech 301 Rostock Delta 3D Printer Kit

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Geeetech 301 Rostock Delta 3D Printer Kit


Geeetech Rostock 301 is an affordable desktop 3D printer for tech enthusiasts, serious hobbyists and educators. This printer provides you with excellent printability and triple-color, mix color capability, offering an intuitive 3D printing experience.

Rostock 301 is a perfect combination of the delta type construction and the 3-in-1-out mix color 3D printing hotend. Delta type construction features faster printing speed and high printing accuracy; the 3-in-1-out mix color 3D printing hotend gives a rich mixture of color combination of the printing object.

Rostock 301 maintains DIY property, with which you can unleash your creativity to refit or modify it as you like. This kit is just the beginning; you can get more out of it.

Lead Time: 4 Business days

NOTE: This product is Unassembled DIY KIT, include all the parts need assembly by yourself.


  1. 3-in-1-out mix color 3D printing hotend

The 3-in-1-out mix color 3D printing hotend is a single nozzle hotend for 3D printing in multiple colors that requires a minimum of calibration. It allows you to feed three filaments through three independent feed-in channels and be extruded out through one nozzle which provides a faster, easier and more precise method of 3D printing and this can be a new frontier of 3D printing.

  1. Easier calibration

The single nozzle eliminates the calibration problems associated with having separate nozzles for each color, and the single output orifice alleviates the problem of out-of-level nozzles hitting the working surface being created.

  1. Hardware upgrades

Hardware: We upgrade the GTM32 3d printer controller board so that if features everything you need to build your printer for multi-color printing.

GTM32 3d printer controller board is powered by STM32F103 which uses the Cortex-M3 core, with a maximum CPU speed of 72 MHz. It offers a 32‑bit product range that combines very high performance, real-time capabilities, digital signal processing, and low‑power, low‑voltage operation, while maintaining full integration and ease of development.

  1. Firmware upgrades

We added a new Mixer feature to control the percentage of the feed rate of the 3 filaments. It allows you to time exactly when and where the color changes.

Working as a palette, the three filaments of different colors will be fed in accordance with a certain percentage of feeding rate, then they will be melted and mixed in the nozzle chamber to generate another new color or mixed color, enables the printing of model with any color.

  1. Higher building speed and printing precession

The benefit of a Delta printer is that the moving parts are lightweight so that it’s easier to travel. That results in faster printing with greater accuracy. To ensure the print speed, we have designed the hotend to have the smallest possible weight of 175g; the print speed can be up to 120mm/s.

  1. Open color system

You can also use Rostock 301 as a single extruder printer, a dual extruder and a 2-in-1-out extruder, which gives the printer an open color system; this means you’re able to use nearly any color to get precisely the effect you’re after. When you combine different colors, the possibilities are endless. With our Mixer feature, you can get blending color, mix color and even full color for one printing project.


Geeetech 301 3D Printer
Geeetech 301 3D Printer
Geeetech 301 3D Printer
Geeetech 301 3D Printer
Geeetech 301 3D Printer
Geeetech 301 3D Printer
Geeetech 301 3D Printer
Geeetech 301 3D Printer
Geeetech 301 3D Printer
Geeetech 301 3D Printer
Geeetech 301 3D Printer
Geeetech 301 3D Printer
Geeetech 301 3D Printer
Geeetech 301 3D Printer
Geeetech 301 3D Printer
Geeetech 301 3D Printer


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Technical Specifications
Print size ( X Y Z ) ∅170mm * H230 mm
The Layer Thickness 0.1 mm
Layer Resolution 100 Microns
Filament Compatibility PLA, ABS, Nylon and Wood
Filament Diameter 1.75 mm
Nozzle Diameter 0.4 mm
Print Speed 80 to 120 mm/sec
Print Plate (Build Platform) Aluminum alloy plate+ heatbed
AC Input 110V/ 4.8A or 220V /2.4A
Power Requirements DC12V/20A
Connectivity (Interface) USB, SD Card
Electronics GTM32 pro + 6 A4988
3D printing Software Repetier-Host, Printrun, Cura
CAD Input data file format supported STL, 3ds, obj, amf, dae, G-code
Client Operating System Windows, Linux, Mac
Machine Dimensions 320 x 320 x 870mm
Shipping box dimensions 510x410x210mm
Machine weight 9.5 kg
Shipping box weight 10.5 kg
Lead time 4 Business Days
Shipping Location China
| 12 reviews
This printer can be used as a single extruder printer, a dual extruder and a 2-in-1-out extruder, isn’t that amazing. The hotend also offers a good combination of color combination which can be used to add more colors to your objects. With this printer even calibration is not a problem anymore because of the single nozzle construction which the printer offers. I am very happy with the printer. It is very easy to use and I am using it every day for long hours. No complaints! 5 stars
| 12 reviews
A good quality printer! I am completely satisfied with it and I have no complaints. The printer is durable and all its parts of good quality. I have been using this printer for more than a year now and its performance has always been very consistent. The only area of the printer which restricts me is its build-up volume because I feel that it is very small. I am not able to print larger objects. But the resolution of smaller models is outstanding and the speed is also reasonably good. Overall, I am happy to own this printer.
| 12 reviews
If you have a lot of patience then only this printer is good for you. I am personally not happy with the printer and believe that it is the slowest 3D printer I have ever seen. Assembling the printer is a tough process and apart from that I have faced many issues with the hotend too. The printer delivers average quality print outs and that also at very slow speed which actually is very annoying. I have to wait for hours to get just few print outs. My earlier printer was much better as I am completely disappointed with this one.
| 12 reviews
Woah! What do I say about this printer! It’s just amazing. I never thought there could be something as magical as a machine like this. My kid loves 3D modeling and designing and seeing his interest, my husband got this one for him. I am stunned the way my little one learnt everything. He prints superbly and has fun with it all the time. I see the prints and they look so beautiful and perfect – almost real. I am not a tech person but I love this printer. And, am also learning to use it now. Perfect printer for beginners. A must-buy!
| 12 reviews
I’ve been teaching graphic designing for eight years now at my own institute. I’ve used so many printers and I have to say that this 3D printer is one of the best. This printer requires minimum calibration and it is quite nice except the hotend, but that doesn’t bring much of an issue. The speed and quality of prints is exceptional. One thing that I found really great about this printer is its dual extruder and a 2-in-1-out extruder. With these you get an open color system and can get the desired effect of color. Quite amazing, right! For tech enthusiasts like me, it’s a great delta type printer.

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Geeetech 301 Rostock Delta 3D Printer Kit
12 reviews (12 reviews)
$498 USD $448 USD
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