Metal 3D Printers

Metal 3D Printers

Metal 3D Printer Guide: Learn about metal 3D printing at home and industrial, technologies, applications, printers, processes, prices and more.

In the last few years, metal 3D printing has become increasingly popular. And rightly so: each material offers a unique combination of practical and aesthetic properties to suit a variety of products, be it prototypes, miniatures, jewelry, functional parts or even kitchenware.

The reason metal 3D printing is so hot is that parts will be serially 3D printed for mass adoption. In fact, some 3D printed parts are already just as good, if not better, than those manufactured by traditional methods.

In traditional manufacturing, making metal and plastic objects can be a wasteful process. Lot‘s of chunky parts and a lot of surplus material are used. When aircraft makers manufacture metal parts, up to 90% of the material is being cut away. 3D printing metal parts uses less energy and reduces waste to a minimum. Especially, as the finished 3D printed product can be up to 60% lighter compared to the machined part. The aviation industry alone saves billions of dollars through this weight reduction, mainly on fuel.

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