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afinibot prusa i3


Complete Assembled parts for Afinibot 3D Printer

The newest way to print quality 3D models right from your desk for visualisation, collaboration, and functional prototyping testing.
It is closely based on its predecessor, but with a host of innovative new refinements. .


Model:  Afinibot A3 version 4.0
Board: Melzi 2.0
Printing material: PLA and ABS
Minimum layer's height: 100 microns
Assembly time: 6-8h


Lead Time (Processing/Handling Time): 2 Business days

Advantage of the Afinibot model:

  • High quality
  • Extruder 100% metal and double fan
  • Some pieces are already assembled to save you time (extruder and heating bed)
  • LCD screen
  • Offline printing with SD card (SD card included)
  • Most of the tools are included
  • 3 months limited Warranty


1. Frame: Threaded rod( parts and components)

2. Structure: Acrylic sheet

3. Print Size:200*200*180mm(Max)

4. Layer thickness:0.1-0.4mm

5. LCD screen: Yes (Support  )

6. XY axis positioning accuracy:0.012mm

7. Z axis positioning accuracy:0.004mm

8. Nozzle diameter:0.4mm(standard configuration)

9. Nozzle temperature:170oC-275oC

10. Platform temperature:110oC (adjustable)

11. Platform material: aluminium plate

12. Printing material: PLA, ABS, HIPS

13. Material diameter: 1.75mm

14. Software language: English

15. File format: STL,G-code

16. Machine dimension:430*405*370mm

17. Package dimension:480*430*26mm

18. Power supply:DC 12V

19. OS:Windows/Mac/Linux

20. Host computer software: Repetier-Host

21. Environmental requirement: Temp: -5 - 40°c,Humidity:20-70%


afinibot prusa i3


Afinibot 3D Printer Offer EPE Foam, More Safety During Shipping!!!


afinibot prusa i3



Afinibot 3D Printer Offer Free Tools to Lower your Assemble Cost!!!


afinibot prusa i3


Afinibot 3D Printer Offer High Quality 12V Hotbed 210*210mm.


afinibot prusa i3


Afinibot 3D Printer Offer Completed Extruder, To Save Your Assemble Time!!!


afinibot prusa i3



afinibot prusa i3


Afinibot Strong Brand in Shenzhen China.


afinibot prusa i3



afinibot prusa i3



afinibot prusa i3


Afinibot 3D Printer Is More Reliable As We Have the Below Certifications.


afinibot prusa i3


Afinibot A3 Off-Line Printing Guide.


afinibot prusa i3



afinibot prusa i3


Afinibot 3D Printer Desktop Operating Software.


afinibot prusa i3



afinibot prusa i3



afinibot prusa i3


We will send 2 rolls filament (PLA or ABS) as gift. (Color and material optional based on stock)

If you need specific color or material for the filament, please write in your order comment while checkout. .

For example: PLA Black 1 Roll + ABS Red 1 Roll.

Power supply will be shipped based on the customer location.



Watch more videos here:

download user manual

*Free Shipping only for the following counties: Ireland, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Germany, France, Netherlands, Luxembourg, Monaco, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, SanMarino, Spain, Canary Islands, Italy, United Kingdom, Vietnam, Greece, India, Canada, Cambodia, Mexico, Finland, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, USA, Poland, Portugal, New Zealand, Japan, Slovenia, Slovakia, Czech republic, Australia.

Affordable shipping price for other countries.

Technical Specifications
Print size ( X Y Z ) 200 x 200 x 180 mm
Layer Resolution 100 microns
Chassis Acrylic Frame + Threaded Rods
Filament Compatibility ABS, PLA, Wood and Flexible PLA
Filament Diameter 1.75 mm
Nozzle Diameter 0.4 mm
Print Speed 40 to 120 mm/sec
Print Plate Size 210 x 210 mm
Print Plate (Build Platform) MK2A heatbed
AC Input 100-240V, 50-60HZ
Extruder Type MK8
No.of Extruders One
Print Head/Hotend/Nozzle Type MK8
Power Requirements DC 12V/15A
Connectivity (Interface) USB, SD Card
Electronics Melzi 2.0 board
3D printing Software Repetier-Host
CAD Input data file format supported .stl, .gcode
Client Operating System Windows/Mac/Linux
Print in dual color No
Print in multi color No
Machine Dimensions 504 x402 x 446 mm
Shipping box dimensions 520 x 520 x 450 mm
Machine weight 8 kg
Shipping box weight 13 kg
Lead time 3 to 5 days
Shipping Location China
Manufacturer Warranty One year
| 25 reviews
Afinibot Semi Assembled Prusa i3 3D printer is the best printer I have ever noticed. My colleagues have different 3D printers with different versions and they envy what I have. I loved that they provide free delivery for this printer. It has multiple features which need to be appreciated like 100 microns resolution, large printing and the filament compatibility. Worth buying!
| 25 reviews
Wow! I am quite impressed with your Afinibot Semi Assembled Prusa i3. It is difficult for me to count its amazing features because it has everything a person can ask for. The best among all is it was arrived in semi-assembled condition which made it easier for me to check out its features. With latest extruder, acrylic structure and LCD Screen I will give Afinibot 5 stars!
| 25 reviews
This is a good printer by Afinibot which was arrived semi-assembled. But when I started using it, I found it to be a difficult task. I mean, for a beginner like me, some functions were not easy to comprehend. Otherwise, I loved the printing quality of this printer and the speed too!
| 25 reviews
This semi-assorted Prusa i3 is an extraordinary device to work upon. I have been using this printer for almost 6 months; it is delivering amazing prints from the first day till now. I can print my models in various filaments and can work on Linux. It can support .stl and .gcode format of CAD input which increases my productivity and saves my time. Afinibot is actually insubstantial and easy to work on it. Great value!
| 25 reviews
<p>I received this printer in promised period of time. This is a semi-assembled device which saved me from doing the tedious assembling.</p> <p>The manual is fully updated and cleared enough with all instructions that were very helpful in assembling partial assortments.</p> <p>There are many pros to count on such as good build, filament compatibility inclusive from ABS, PLA to wood, durable extruder, precise resolution up to 100 microns, large printing size about 200 x 200 x 180 mm and lot more. It was my best purchase in 3D printer&rsquo;s arena so far!</p> <p><em>Bom trabalho!! </em>(Great job) <em>Deve ir para ela!!! </em>(Must go for it)</p>

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Afinibot Semi Assembled Prusa i3 - Free Shipping
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$399 USD $340 USD
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