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bq WitBox 3D Printer


witbox 3d printer


Lead Time: 1 Week. Shipping from Miami, USA.

Large Print Volume:

The bq Witbox is a domestic printer with DIN-A4 print volume (21 x 29.7 cm) and a height of up to 20 cm, meaning it has a greater capacity to print large-scale objects and multiple parts simultaneously than any other printer.

Made in Spain:

bq manufactures the bq Witbox at the bq Spanish factory in Navarra, which is dedicated exclusively to the design and production of bq's printers. As bq manufactures their own products, they are able to enforce the very tightest quality controls, and they also apply their exact standards to their consumables in their dedicated production line in the Spanish town of Huesca.

Where beauty and safety combine:

The bq Witbox has been painstakingly designed to optimism its functionality. It’s a fully enclosed printer with a locking front door system, preventing accidental access during printing and making it a particularly safe to use around children. The fully enclosed design helps to minimize noise, while preventing heat from escaping and controlling airflow - thus maintaining a constant temperature inside the printer.


witbox 3d printer


A totally innovative printing system:

The bq Witbox incorporates an innovative printing system inspired by the Fibonacci spiral, using a PTFE tube to feed the filament through. Thanks to this design, the feeder system is housed within the printer unit itself, reducing the amount of contact between the filament and the tube. This optimized design, combined with the reinforced Witbox chassis, enables you to create a printer network by stacking up to three bq Witbox one on top of the other.

3D printing of spectacular quality:

Several factors affect the quality of 3D printing. One of them is the height of each layer: the lower the height, the better the level of detail and resolution of the printed object. It´s also very important for the printing base to be as level as possible. A toughened, laminated* glass base is incorporated in Witbox.

Open Source:

You can run Witbox printer with a variety of open source software such as Slic3r™, Cura™, Pronterface™ and Repetier™. Enjoy greater freedom of use, greater compatibility and total technological independence. The hardware of bq Witbox is 100% open source, meaning you can modify it and adapt it however you like. At bq they keen to share all of their improvements, without restricting knowledge.

FilaFlex Filament:


bq witbox FilaFlex filament


Filaflex is a filament that enables elastic parts to be created and printed in 3D, without any need to modify your printer.

PLA Filament:


bq witbox pla filament


1.75mm diameter PLA plastic coil. Contains 1kg of filament. 100% Poly-Lactic Acid (PLA).

Technical specifications:


bq witbox pla filament



bq witbox pla filament



bq witbox pla filament



bq witbox pla filament



bq witbox pla filament



Watch more videos here:

download user manual

Technical Specifications
Print size ( X Y Z ) 297 x 210 x 200 mm
The Layer Thickness 0.05 mm
Layer Resolution 50 to 300 microns
Filament Compatibility PLA, HIPS, FilaFlex, among others
Filament Diameter 1.75 mm
Nozzle Diameter 0.4 mm
Print Speed 60 to 100 mm/sec
Print Plate Size 297 x 210 mm
Print Plate (Build Platform) Glass base (non-heated)
AC Input 110 - 220 V
No.of Extruders One
Power Requirements 12 DC 100W
Connectivity (Interface) USB, LCD display and SD card reader
Electronics Ramps 1.4 + Mega 2560
3D printing Software Repetier, Pronterface, Cura, Replicator G, Skeinforge
CAD Input data file format supported STL, G-code
Client Operating System Windows, Linux, Mac
Print in dual color No
Print in multi color No
Machine Dimensions 505 x 388 x 450 mm
Shipping box dimensions 640 x 550 x 650 cm
Machine weight 28 kg
Shipping box weight 30 Kg
Lead time 1 Week
Shipping Location USA
Manufacturer Warranty 2 Years
| 5 reviews
The printer was delivered in 10 days and very little assembly was required out of the box. <p>Software installation was easy First print of test Cube and was a success.</p> <p>The printer has performed flawlessly for about 5 weeks. I would want you guys to be a realist and do not expect every print to be perfect. </p> <p>The printer is good quality unlike the many fake chinese clones out there. </p>
| 5 reviews
I have used many machines, they all need a little calibration, but this one needed very little. Fast setup too. <p>The printer has a great build base of 21 x 29.7 cm x 20 cm, it has helped me get some great prints. I started getting printouts from this printer just a few hours after it was delivered. </p> <p>The product is terrific !!</p>
| 5 reviews
The printer was delivered in very secure and tight packing. The printer looks beautiful and solid at the same time. <p> The printer uses open source softwears like Slic3r, Cura, Pronterface and Repetier, But I have purchased Simplify 3d as it gives me better control over my printing. </p> <p>I have used the printer to print Flexible material and that too worked surprisingly well. At $2000 the printer is a bit expensive but then you get what you pay for. </p>
| 5 reviews
After doing a lot of research on 3d printing and 3d printers (a seemingly endless list of printers) I honed in on BQ Witbox. <p>My shopping list was responsive customer service, non-proprietary filament use and the biggest build volume I could get, given the first two. With all the tuning, tweaking, etc. in various printers' user forums, I expected it would be months of tweaking and learning curve before getting a good print. </p> <p>First surprise, it arrived swiftly, within a few days of ordering. </p> <p>Second surprise, patiently walking through setup does produce an operating system. </p> <p>Third surprise, outstanding user support, fast path to up and running smoothly. I emailed him regarding two issues and with the tightening of 4 screws and adding a small shim, it is printing perfectly! </p>
| 5 reviews
I have been 3D printing for about 2 years now and this printer is excellent. This is my second 3D printer (first was a Solidoodle 3). This printer is very easy to work on and prints very consistently and reliably. Would highly recommend!

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