Replace your 3D print parts in Toyota’s i-Road vehicles

In the coming years more people will start using electric bikes and cars. The price of petrol and diesel has been increasing rapidly and that pushes the automobile manufacturers to launch electric cars and bikes and whether they do it on purpose or not the electric cars and bike will reduce air pollution, thus might become environment friendly. And to be frank customers are getting smarter, they know what to purchase and what not to, so manufactures need to be smart as well and should know the pulse of customers just like Toyota.

i-Road vehicles

Many users are good in customization, if you just look over the road you can find cars, bikes that would be altered and customized with their own design. Realizing the fact Toyota has decided to give an opportunity to people by means of new project named “Open Road Project” . Open Road project is about test driving and replacing your 3d printed parts, designs in the i-road vehicles. The i-Road car isn't just an amazing minimal vehicle with three tyres, however, it additionally can be charged from a standard 100V electrical outlet.

i-Road vehicle

If you are living in Japan and if you are lucky, you will be one among the 100 participants who can change the frame color and material along with the interior design of the car. Overall 100 participants from designers to common people will be selected and the manufacturer will send 10 i-road car to 10 participants for one month, and during this short period of time you can do things you wish to do such as driving, testing at different speed, replacing the frames and few other things. (Note: You can change parts that are allowed to change and alter). You can drive, 3d print different colors using different materials, replace them and return it back to Toyota manufacturer with some feedback about the experience you are going to have with the car.


If you want to be a participant and interested in,3d printing as well then it’s time for you to apply, moreover you must live in Japan. It’s going to be interesting to see i-Road vehicles in different colors and materials.

i-Road vehicles

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