Rescued tortoise gets 3d printed prosthetic shell

26 Mar

Rescued tortoise gets 3d printed prosthetic shell

Just like to humans 3d printing technology has helped animals immensely. In the past, one year or so we have seen many such animals like fish, ducks, tortoise, dog, goat and many more have gotten 3d printed legs, wheel chair, limbs. 3d printing technology is becoming part of everyone’s life.

tortoise 3d printed shell

Last December a turtle named blade was suffering from bone disease that it couldn’t carry its own weight, especially the shell and it made the owner worry so he took the turtle to the veteran doctor where the blade was fixed with movable wheel chair kind of stake board. The wheel chair was designed with 4 wheels and that made the blade(turtle) move freely.

3d printed shell

After a couple of months again a turtle has granted with 3d printed part, but this time a shell. Cleopatra a tortoise suffered from a metabolic disease due lack of nutrient food, that resulted her with pyramid shell. Luckily she to Canyon Critters Rescue, in Golden, Colorado a company to rescue injured animals and save them, they have well-trained professionals to rescue those animals. In their 20 years Canyon Critters have rescued several reptiles. Even if you have unwanted reptiles at home, instead of killing them or to drop them it in the jungle, hand over to Canyon Critters.

Canyon Critters can rescue, feed, and keep them safe, but they don’t know have a 3d printer. However, Nicola who is the founder, expressed his thought of fixing 3d printed shell over her shell to Cleopatra as the pyramid shell affects her health when other tortoise jump or climb up over Cleopatra it leads to injury.

A guy from Colorado Technical University helped Nicloa who scanned and took the measurements of the shell and gave it to the designer Roger Henry, who is an expert in designing took almost a month to design the shell for Cleopatra, and when the design was finalized after serious discussing with Dr. Elson, they finally sent the model to a 3d printing company in Denver where they printed the shell using PLA thermoplastic and fixed the 3d printed shell over Cleopatra’s shell.

3d printed shell model

The health is getting better for Cleopatra, that experts feel that she will live a long life and will grow bigger than now that she might need a larger size of 3d printed shells in future.

Image Credit: RJ Sangosti &Getty Images

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Rescued tortoise gets 3d printed prosthetic shell
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