Robot that prints and burns Donald Trump tweets

11 Apr

Robot that prints and burns Donald Trump tweets

Donald Trump never ending Twitter usage has been setting the international media burning. Before coming on Presidency, the then-Republican candidate was using his social media strategies to criticize, insult and accuse the opponents. After every 24 hour you can point a fresh set of criticizing tweet on Donald Trump feed.

People say that the tweets posted by him highlight his stupidity and are a major distraction from his policies. His motive is to divert the media attention while his administration passes harmful policies, funding bills and moves deeper into the Middle East

After three months also since he has come on power, we can’t see Donald Trump slowing down. He has tweeted 34,700 times since he joined Twitter in March 2009, on an average one tweet every two hours, or twelve tweets per day. With every new tweet and insignificant use of hashtags, he is just setting the fire.

Lately, a 3D printing robot whose makers are still anonymous known mostly from their twitter handle “Burned Your Tweet” , this feisty little bot has one job: it will print Donald Trump tweets, burn them and tweeting back photography evidence back to the president with the message, “@RealDonaldTrump I burned your tweet.”

This recent discovery has been a hit, last Tuesday this bot burned 10 tweets from Trump, its total follower number is 32,000 followers, and it has started its own thread on Reddit. The makers of 3D printing bot have so far remained anonymous with no trace even in media, leaving reporters and commentators in the dark. The twitter account description says only one line explanation that it’s “giving Trump’s tweets the attention they deserve.”

However when Donald Trump was asked by the media on this whole process, he remained silent without commenting or taking any action against the makers. This action of him shows that may be Donald Trump has finally met his match. Kudos to little Twitter bot!

Chris Joel (Author)

Robot that prints and burns Donald Trump tweets
Chris Joel is a writer at 3D Printers Online Store. Hailing from South London, he has a degree in English Literature. His interests include the application of 3D printing technology to art and its popularization.