Sagrada Familia could be finished with the help of 3d printing

21 Mar

Sagrada Familia could be finished with the help of 3d printing

If you are from Spain, then you should know about the history of the Sagrada Família Church and for those who doesn’t know about the Sagrada Familia Church, here’s the information about the largest Roman Catholic church in Barcelona, Catalonia (Spain). The church was initially designed by Antoni Gaudi in 1883. However, Gaudi couldn’t complete the project in his lifetime. He dedicated himself to the development of the church, but unfortunately while he died in 1926 not even one third of the project was completed.

sagrada família Spain

There were many obstacles occurred while building the temple mainly due the lack of funds, and the Spanish Civil war were the main reasons for the delay in completing the project. Gaudi, who has also designed a school near the site of the Basilica and Expiatory Church of the Sagrada Família for the children of the workers constructing the church.

Sagrada Família Church

3d model sagrada familia

Although still plenty work to be done the church looks stunning and awesome. In order to complete the project, architecture designers started applying modern technologies, and since the Gaudi design is complex and found way too harder, project leaders preferred 3D in place of 2D. Engineers applied 3d printing technology back in 2001 but things didn’t work as they expected as the accuracy was missing at the point of time. And now technology has moved forward and has seen vast improvement in the last couple of years have impressed the Chief architect Jordan Coll to prefer 3d printing back again.

gaudi sagrada familia 3d printing

Sagrada Familia is using 3d models to complete the project, and as it is a large scale project, they have their own large studio where two 3d printers are being used to create 3d models of Gaudi design. The project is to be completed in 2026 exactly 100 years from Gaudi’s death back in 1926.

3d model of sagrada familia

Image & Video credit: Bas�lica de la Sagrada Fam�lia

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Sagrada Familia could be finished with the help of 3d printing
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