Scribble 3D pen to be launched at just $49

The arrival of the new 3D pen enables scribblers to use it in a more handy way and is much easier to use. 3D printers are emerging in a new age of digital creativity. 3D printers and desktops are very highly priced and affordable to only a few. But if you have financial or skill related barriers that are taking you aback, the 3D pen is a much cheaper alternative to the classical 3D printing process. Giving boost to the ideas of scribblers, who like to draw soft shapes, abstract designs, sharp lines, boxes, etc. Aiding the beginners the 3D pen leads to know and learn more about 3Dprinting. It is also useful for these enthusiasts who have whole lot of new ideas and are eager to try out new technology. These 3D pens are an excellent option to quick prototyping, to create physical version of the idea in your head at that moment. Apart from all the 3D pens that are available in the market, a new 3D pen is launched on Kickstarter that is also low on cost basis. Its is called the Scribble, it features an LED display and easy to fit in your hand that makes you handcraft masterpieces a possibility.

Scribble 3D pen established by three founders, all of them making enormous benefits to the team with their talents. Emily Aguilar is a media supervisor who graduated from Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles. She generates new ideas and propositions to the company and business both. Stephanie Daniels is a designer TV host along with passion for technology and designing product, she works on producing output for Scribble 3Dpen along with her team. Austin Kelly a technical director, also passionate about industrial design and technical aspects of hardware.

scribble 3D Pen

Although there are dozens of 3D printing pens existing in the market that are bulky, not handy and a pain to use as the plastic sticks around, doesn’t set evenly etc, Scribble eliminates all these difficulties, developer Austin Kelly reveals on Kickstarter. “Scribble 3D printing pen has the similar function as 3D printers. The product features an LED display screen and fits perfectly in your hand, giving you extreme comfort and accurate precision while you draw your favorite things,” he says. The biggest production challenge, in fact, was reducing the size of the pen to sit comfortably in your hand, but it seems like they have pulled it off. “The first challenge we experienced was to reduce the size, make it more useful and finally within a great product design,” he adds.

scribble 3D Pen

The Scribble 3D pen is unique as it has the ability to offer high resolution in a small package and also offers great affordability. The Company hopes to raise $5,00 by April 16th, for those wh supportthe campaign the team offers them a chance to order their own 3D printing pens for just $49 being the special price. Along with the special price they receive: One Scribble 3D printing pen, Two packs of 25 strands of PLA plastic, three scribble PDF projects and also a Hall of fame mention. The Scribble 3D is truly a more interesting way to create new ideas and rejoice a valuable experience by creating 3D models in just seconds. You

The Scribble 3D pens from Kickstarter are set to ship in May, with delivery available worldwide. As it is not so highly priced Scribble 3D pen is a cool idea to gift, also it is a fantastic item tan can be ordered in bulf with discounted price for educational purposes. It offers same function like a 3D printer but ata smaller scale and is a smart tool for all age groups.

“This extraordinary easy tool enables you to create anything through the power of your own imagination,” say the creators on Kickstarter.

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