Secure Your 3D Prints

12 Nov

Secure Your 3D Prints

In 3d printing technology anyone can print anything if you have design, but what if you want to keep your design safe and secure without leaking the designs to other parties these things can happen in any industries whether it is large scale or small scale everyone wants to keep their design safe.



Secured 3D provides great service for companies by allowing cyber-security for your particular STL and GCODE that make sure to secure intellectual property for your company designs which allow them to print in particular printers for certain numbers and all these can happen in just one click.

They are offering three types of cloud remote, Software Client (Windows, iOS, Linux), Hardware (Intel, Raspberry, Arduino), Embedded into 3D printer.

If it is for individual usage of the intellectual property is by all accounts for free, Secured3d charges extensive in sum of 6 digits to organizations if they prefer to secure their own particular interior secure 3d printing cloud utilizing a discovery server arrangement supplied by Secured3d.

Once settled, an organization could oversee variants of recently planned parts to guarantee they are not sent outside the organization, for instance. Organizations can likewise electronically send prints constrained duplicates of examples to different place.

If you own a company and wish to keep your design and prints for safe you can visit secured3d website.


Image & Video Credit:john Dogru&Secure 3d

Chris Joel (Author)

Secure Your 3D Prints
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