Shapeways helps Coca-Cola celebrate 100th anniversary

03 Mar

Shapeways helps Coca-Cola celebrate 100th anniversary

Shapeways helps Coca-Cola celebrate 100th anniversary of iconic design with 3D printed bottles

It feels delighted to announce our work with coca cola as part of their 100th anniversary celebration of the iconic Coca-Cola bottle. On February 28th, a new exhibit will open to the public at the High Museum of Art in Atlanta featuring more than 500 3D printed bottles suspended from the ceiling, all 3D art was done by shapways.

3d printed bottles

The iconic Coca-Cola bottle was originally designed by the Root Glass Company in 1915 as a result of a competition that challenged manufacturers to develop a design that would be recognizable even if broken or being grabbed in the dark. The winning design ultimately had a huge impact on visual art and culture, and is one of the defining shapes that represent the global company.

3D printing is becoming more essential in repetition process, and has helped countless designers perfect their products. As the original designers surely went through various repetition on their way to the perfect bottle, the company worked with Conran and Partners on various designs before finding the right one.The main problem which continuously occurred with the earlier version was that when they were hanged they would stretch out. This resulted in a different kind of shape then the companies intended to create for the bottles.

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Shapeways, Coca-Cola and Conranand Partners worked closely for the next three days and found a new way to create 3D printed bottle which could be able to hang and which could maintain its shape. “In the final design, the bottle is actually printed in a compressed shape to both compensate for stretching and increase packing efficiency in our printers,” writes Shapeways on its blog about the process.In order to ensure the bottles were printed and processed without fail, shapways designed a cage that would enclose the actual bottle as it was printed so that each bottle could be ‘opened’ and revealed individually after being processed.

Image Source:Shapeways

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Shapeways helps Coca-Cola celebrate 100th anniversary
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