Slam Scan helps to 3D scan you into favorite game character

22 Mar

 Slam Scan helps to 3D scan you into favorite game character

Swiss startup Dacuda is making scanning your own faces into games. Video games are a huge craze among people of almost all ages. Character customization plays an important role in it. Many of them start by asking you to choose an avatar to represent yourself in the game. While playing these games online your avatar is one that is visible to thousand others. Not imitating real life face and body, you can be a heavily muscled warrior, a barely-clothed beauty, etc. Making it more customizable, wouldn’t it be more fun if the avatar would be more photorealistic with your actual face rather than taking all new identity online.

Prior to this Dacuda had launched Pocket Scan. Unlike mobile phone photos, PocketScan produces a high quality output every time. Thanks to the clever built-in illumination, it works under any lighting condition to create a consistently clear scan with bright colors. PocketScan works great with applications like Evernote or the Microsoft Office suite. Tables are transformed into spreadsheets and accurate OCR allows instant text-editing in Word. The scanner leverages Dacuda's patented technology based on computer vision and robotic algorithms to provide a unique user experience. While moving PocketScan across your documents, the content is assembled in real-time and transferred to your computer or smartphone. Because of that, PocketScan allows you to scan any kind of format up to A2. Finally you can scan things that don't fit in a regular scanner.

Recently Dacuda has come up with something more interesting ideas related to gamings. Swiss startup Dacuda is making scanning your real face into the gaming world possible. Dacuda has already make 3D scanning technology to the masses through its 3D SLAM Scan technology that has an unique algorithm that turns any smartphone into 3Dscanner. It is taking a leap ahead in the process by involving the new SDK that will allow users to scan themselves right into the games.

Slam Scan?

“Today, generating 3D content is limited to expensive and cumbersome technology,” Dacuda CEO Peter Weigand told PSFK. “Our technology allows you to scan your face in real-time to generate a high quality 3D avatar of yourself, all from your mobile device…The future of gaming is about creating worlds that totally absorb the player, and realistic avatars are essential to making that vision come true. With Dacuda’s pioneering new solution for game studios, we open up an exciting new world of possibilities for game studios and players alike.”

With SLAM Scan Dacuda has already opened new possibilities that can be used for several other applications, like the 3D Around, that allows capturing high resolution and quality 3D images of almost anything that is around you by bust moving your phone around the object to be scanned. Also taking a 3D selfie is a lot more easier with SLAM Scan.

With companies Dacuda giving users the capability and skills to create high-quality, printable, professional-looking 3D scans with just a smartphone, other manufacturers of standard 3D scanners are become a bit confused and uneasy. Smartphones these days are capable of any tasks as proven by applications like Google Cardboard. In future 3D SLAM Scan Engine technology might soon be replacing expensive state-of-art scanning equipment. On the otherhand for everyday 3D printing like selfies and other models high-end applications like these are extremely appealing to average person. Games will be more interesting to play and see how “scan your face into your favorite game” thingy catches on.

Image Source:Slam Scan 3D

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 Slam Scan helps to 3D scan you into favorite game character
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