SLS 3D Printing Machines Are Getting Affordable

18 Nov

SLS 3D Printing Machines Are Getting Affordable

Even the expensive and most wanted SLS machine are getting affordable. Addictive manufacturing is getting more popular among scientist and engineers, who is not buying a 3d printer for research instead making a 3d printer with some unique features that no other current market does.

Ester & Sinterlt

In no quick time we are hearing some good news about SLS machine which are hitting the market with bang, Ester 3d printer has launched their product in indiegogo at the rate $2500 which comes as unassembled. For those who doesn’t know about SLS machine cost won’t be surprised since the price usually around beyond $200,000, Brandon Fosdick is the genius behind this invention of Ester 3d printer and provides all these parts, hardware, software so that people can upgrade, modify this machine into a better one. This machine doesn’t support material as they accept the powder kind of material to get print.

sls 3d printer

Similarly a man who resigned his job from Google as software engineer is very passionate about bringing new technologies to the world. Glowacki and his team together worked on this project for over a year has finally and successfully come up with new printer named “Sinterlt SLS 3D Printer” which will support Nylon powder to print layer by layer. With price range of $5000 as start they have planned to launch in kickstarter soon. Currently they are working on the prototyping, promising that they will soon upgrade the printer with many more features as their team has been working on software and electronics which is vital for SLS machine.

Let’s wait and see how it gets response from customers end.


Chris Joel (Author)

SLS 3D Printing Machines Are Getting Affordable
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