Smart Doll Plus: Future of home appliances

Looks like there is a strong bond between 3d printing and Robot, often we are able to see robots coming from 3d printers with new features added in every robot. 3d printer has given many robots in the past, such as Walking, dancing, singing, blinking, robots that’s taken away everyone by surprise.

Smart Doll Plus

Back in 2012 Danny Choo designer who born in the UK and residing in Tokyo for over 16 years, Choo is the man behindthe creation of a smart doll, based on Miran Suenaga Well Known for its character for Culture Japan and heroine for the story Mirai Millennium. She became an identity for Malaysia tourism. Choo designed this smart doll with a height of 60 (cm) using Zbrush (ZBrush is an advanced chiseling and painting program that has reformed the 3D business with its intense highlights and natural work processes) and 3d max, eventually printed them. Although he wants to print smart doll bigger than 60 cm due to less build size he couldn’t make it at that time.

Smart Doll Plus

Now choo has now created a Smart Doll Plus, standing four-foot tall (120cm) which is double the size of previous Smart Doll (60 cm). This tall Smart Doll Plus robot was printed in high print resolution. Although the size of the print is huge Choo saved exact points of interest for making the mold segments for the last model. He gave up Form1SLA 3d printer due to terrible experience he had, and bought Atom 2.0 3d printer (Fused Deposition Modelling) which comes with the print volume of Ø 22cm x H 32cm. Choo finally got a user-friendly printer that can print PLA.

Smart Doll Plus

With PLA filament around after taking print you can remove from the print plate by your hand and you don’t have to rise in thinner says Choo on his website. He printed all those parts in detail with 50 microns and printed gears by providing 100% infill that gave excellent, accurate finishing. He printed all those parts separately with a maximum print volume of the printer and the final assembled Smart Doll Plus sized with 120 cm as you can see from the image.

Smart Doll Plus

The reason behind the name of Smart Doll Plus is the ability that can walk around and pick up objects with the help configured AI. She is also connected with internet which makes her more smart like a computer. They are working now to upgrade her feature to the next level by adding IFTTT to allow Smart Doll Plus to unite with a plenty of home gadgets,such as, Dropcam and Nest which extends her home security administration abilities.

Smart Doll Plus

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