Sonia Verdu created a 3D printed dragon door knocker

Sonia Verdu is a multitalented Fine Arts graduate and graphic designer based in Spain and has many a times amazed people with her 3D printed artistic designs and models. Most recently the Spanish artist created a 3D printed door knocker, that is an iron door knocker shaped like the head of the dragon. Also the designer has shared the STL files of the and process of printing files on Instructables. Sonia Verdu was born in Madrid, Spain and has  studies fine arts at the University of Madrid for five years.  She is now engaged in digital painting, graphic designing and illustration work for book covers.

A year ago the designer has released a set of cute 3D printed smartphone holder that were shaped like robots. Verdu came up with the phone holder idea after largely working on the fully articulated life-sized 3D printed dolls. The Spanish artist also opened up with her penchant for the mythical reptile art with the 42 piece 3D printed dragon way back in June. After that Verdu has come back with a Gothic-styled dragon door knocker that the makers can 3D print and assemble at home for themselves.

3D printed dragon door knocker

She had named one of her 8" tall articulated doll "Ribotica" that was an impressive fusion of sculptural savvy, technical know-how and clever craftsmanship. Her series of articulated dolls — charming and colorful fairies as well as a lovely, Gothic female figure complete with handmade clothing and accessories — occupy a particular niche in the world of collectible dolls.

The door knocker is so impressive that it makes us remember the Gothic look of the sets of Game of Thrones. The process of being 3D printing the dragon door knocker involves 8 simple steps. On the Instructables page Verdu has given all the details related to the printing process, the most exciting and amazing part being the printing is the high quality model. All the necessary files are been uploaded on Thingiverse by the artists where the makers can choose a model with or without support. Verdu printed her dragon door knocker model on a BQ Witbox 2 3D printer that is a open source Spanish made machine with a build of 297 x 210 x 200 mm. For printing the artist suggest an infill of 15% and a 0.2 mm resolution also Verdu has incorporated supports into the 3D model so no supports are required.

3D printed dragon door knocker

The artist's supreme brush skills have benefited in the making of model as it looks like an natural and extremely high quality model. To give the model a Gothic and realistic look Verdu  used small amount of Epoxy XTC  -3D  resin coating combining it with iron powder. Due to the iron powder coating the plastic based model that is light enough seems to be weighing 10 times more than its really does. After the upload of files four Thingiverse users have already tried to recreate the impressive 3D printed model out of which one of the users painted the dragon in blue

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