Staples likely to start 3D printing services

Staples, the Chain retailer with office supplies, furniture, and equipment had made it clear a long time ago that they have big plans for 3D printing. Around a new year ago we were one of the first website to announce that Staples would start 3D printing services at their Brick and Mortar stores all across America, today we have another great announcement for business looking for 3D printing services all across the globe. Today the retail giant has announced a new online 3D printing platform that will help small businesses and consumer’s print custom designs which can be uploaded and 3D printed.

Staples 3D printing service

This all new Staples 3D printing services is powered by Sculpteo, a leading online 3D printing service offering on-demand 3D printing. This new service from staples would be live for general public from 14th September. Currently their website allows business to 3d print using Plastic, Resin, Alumide, Ceramic, Metal and Multicolor materials with different colors options available in Plastic. In order to 3d print objects the user need to upload the design to their cloud server which generated a 3d view of the file. Once the file is uploaded and rendered on their 3D engines the user can choose to optimize the model by making it hollow and auto correct the model for and add more material to the model at places where its too thin.

Clément Moreau, CEO & Co-Founder of Sculpteo was thrilled to make the announcement of the new 3D printing platform from Staples he said “We are thrilled to support Staples through our 3D Printing Cloud Engine. This is an exciting time for 3D printing in Retail. Staples will become an entry point for both businesses and the general public to benefit of 3D printing, and we are proud that Sculpteo’s technology will help to make that possible”.

Staples 3D printing service

BehzadSoltani, vice president of services, e-commerce for Staple added “This is a great addition for our business customers that are looking for an easy way to prototype with quick turnaround time, and at an affordable price. The platform allows beginners get a taste and try 3D printing by selecting one of our existing models and making it their own through our customization options.”

Staples 3D printing service

They also have started an online store that features a list of 3d printed office supplies and everyday accessories. We uploaded identical models on the online Staples 3D printing service, and on and strangely the cost of both the models turned out to be the same. So we are not really sure how the stapes offering is any different from the one sculpteooffers.

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