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Supervets to save pets with 3D printing technology

24 Mar

Supervets to save pets with 3D printing technology

Supevets is one of the leading television series hosted by a UK based veterinarian surgeon, Noel Fitzpatrick. The show has always voiced it opinions related to animal’s well-being. Noel Fitzpatrick is a well know vet and is known for using 3Dprinting technologies to give quality life back to peoples pets. He further states that keeping animals alive is now more of a moral decision rather than a scientific reason. With such technological advancements he can save virtually any pet’s ailments.

Fitzpatrick has successfully done some amazing veterinarian surgeries on his show. One of them is the surgery where he gave a cat two bionic back legs that earned him an Oscar and Guinness world Record. According to him, to put the pet through surgery and treatments should more specifically depend on what will be beneficial for the animal. His practice in Surrey has introduced new surgical techniques, including fitting pet with bionic legs.

He says in an interview, “The bottom line now is that anything is possible, if you have a blood and nerve supply. That means that we now have a line in the sand: not what is "possible" but what is "right". In the past it was just the case of if it wasn't possible, you'd move to euthanasia.”

3d printing Supervets?

Deciding how to if to treat you ailing pet, Supervet asks the owners to acknowledge them how much our well being is also dependant in the lives of animals that have been used to for drug testing and other experiments. “They’ve given us all their lives for research,” explains Fitzpatrick. “Quite simply it’s time to give something back.” Fitzpatrick also believes that if we have such advanced technologies we should help them live a better life as we owe it to them.

The most recent season of The Supervet has shown how 3Dprinting has helped the innovative veterinarian to perform some amazing surgeries. The show was premiered last month on UK’s channel 4. On the show he helped a large great den suffering from an abnormal neck bone that was squeezing his spinal cord. The veterinarian 3D printed vertebrae implants to lighten the pressure on his spinal cord. Also he helped a three-legged cat with severe arthritis to walk with help of a bespoke hip implant.

3d printing Supervets?

Noel fitzpatrica has dedicated his learning sand skills to help more and more pets as he can with help of 3Dprinting technologies. He also mentions that euthanasia is the best course of action depending on what is more comfortable for the pet. 3D printing has always been of great help, it is a please and relief to see now the encouraging use of it to help animals as well. Treating them with much respect and love is surely significant because they give us unconditional love.

Prof Fitzpatrick said he walks a 'moral tightrope' every day since he started 3D printing parts of joints with living tissue in them. The vet, whose new series of The Supervet returns next week, said that we as humans owe all animals the benefit of modern technology because of our history of testing drugs on them. The show is a delight for all animal lovers watching animals getting their quality lives back.

Image Source: Lorenzo Agius

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Supervets to save pets with 3D printing technology
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