The DeltaWing race engines are designed with 3d printed parts

We have seen many car companies coming forward to admit that the 3d printing technology has been applied in their cars, not just for creating models but applying additive technology in real cars. It looks like even dangerous race cars have applied 3d printed parts, now that’s a real deal, it shows how strong and durable the 3d printed parts must be.

DeltaWing race car

The Deltawing race car launched in 2012 has participated in various events. The DeltaWing was intended to reduce the air movement optimized drag drastically, to let a hardly speedier straight and corner pace than a 2009-2011 Dallara IndyCar on both ovals and street/road courses with half as much weight, motor power and fuel utilization. As the name proposes, it is designed with delta wing shape.

DeltaWing race car

The Deltawing have been constantly improved their race car from 2012, they have transformed themselves from an Indycar type to prototype car for the best performance. To perform at the highest level and to reduce the fuel use they decided to develop new engine along with Élan Motorsports,(best designers since 1997 for F1 race cars). Design engineer Christian “Skitter” Yaeger has designed and developed an engine that consist of an 3d printed inlet manifold using carbon materials. Nowadays 3d printing is not totally relied on ABS and PLA and it has moved forward to carbon materials which is a good news, thanks to scientists who keep on working on bringing more feature to 3d printing technology.

The engine showed a marvelous performance that made DeltaWing race team to apply more 3d printing technology in their race car. And this 3d printed inlet manifold was tested aggressively over past two years, this engine has covered over 12000 miles, and has participated in many races such as Daytona International Speedway’, Sebring International Raceway, Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca, and many more.


All these 3d printed parts are printed using SLS material Windform (a composite material) filled with carbon. This high quality print material has enabled DeltaWing race car to perform at its highest level.


‘The work done by Skitter and the DeltaWing/Élan Motorsports team is a great example of the application of Windform for a complex problem, and utilizing Additive Manufacturing to push the boundaries in racing,’ Said Stewart Davis Director of Operations, at CRP USA.

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