The fastest legged robot needs better composite materials

Before you read this article, spend a time to look at the below video that might took you by surprise, you can see a thing that moves like a race care that travel 375 km/h and that thing is X2-VelociRoACH a small fastest moving robot, designed and developed at UC Berkeley’s university of California by Duncan W. Haldane and Ronald S. Fearing.

X2-VelociRoACH, the roach indicates nothing but a cockroach, although it is a disgusting thing in all our kitchens it is one among the creature, this robot was developed and designed based on the cockroaches. The actual size of this robot almost matched the cockroach size with 10.4 cm long and with just above half kilogram (54 Grams) and it travels 4.9 meters/Sec.


Duncan W, Haldane and Ronal S. Fearing decided to create a fast moving small robot and the result is the X2-VelociRoACH. Due to limitations of creating a cockroach type model robot they designed a slightly different robot, but still didn’t change the leg length as they are interconnected with the motors of the robot, but in order to increase the speed of the robots they preferred other methods by increasing the stride cycles.


But they are facing now a new problem as the attempt seems failure not because of the technical aspects and software, but due to the print material, the legs are made up of fiberglass, and the main parts are filled with multi 3d printed materials to make them stronger. Although the composite materials they used are strong enough, the materials are not last standing and durable when the robot reaches the top speed, to be frank currently we don’t have such composite filament materials that will be suitable for such speed. As the limits of printable composite materials keep on growing, the maximum furthest reaches of the robot's step cycles will likewise rise.

Hope soon researchers will find suitable composite material that suits X2-VelociRoACH speed.

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