The filament extruder by Pastor Glenn and Hugh Lyman

Are you interested to work from home? Then it's a great opportunity for mothers who wish to earn from home in order to take care of their children and contribute something to their family. Glenn Grimsley, who is a Pastor in an urban church, has launched “The filament extruder” in Kickstarter to raise funds for his cool project. Just like us Pastor Glenn has lots of interest towards 3d printing that pushed him to develop the filament extruder, a low cost machine that produce filaments.

The filament extruder

This filament extruder has the ability to deliver up to 25"; a min at+/ - .06 diameters. The arrangement is to make parts of the extruder in 29 different colors using 3d printers. The instance of the extruder is printed in pieces, to fit on any size printer bed. The extruder can be either utilized in a vertical position or on a level plane. The extruder's channel framework will hold 1kg of pellets. It was likewise intended to be made out of Plexiglas.

The filament extruder

Pastor Glenn has immense knowledge in 3d printing and its market as he and his engineer Hugh Lyman feels that the most expensive and consumable thing would be the filaments in 3d printing process. So they created a low-cost machine that will produce filaments just by using pellets which will be affordable. The processes are so simple to create filaments using “The filament extruder”.

The filament extruder

Turn on the heater switch, and let the temperature stabilize, once it is stabilized, just fill the pellets in the hopper, then the temperature will start to rise and it will get set and stable at the given temperature with fan off once the fan is on, the temperature will start decrease to a certain level, then all you have to do is to turning the motor on will start extruding the filaments.

The filament extruder

They have planned to produce in mass quantity by giving a great opportunity to people who are desiring to work from home especially mothers. They will send a 3d printer, a laptop and a contract for a year to produce extruder (the machine) parts and the filaments as well. Those who are interested, can visit the link to back up this project.


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