The world's first 3D-printing restaurant

10 Jul

The world's first 3D-printing restaurant

3D Printed Food may sound quite futuristic for some but there are companies around the world that are already working on the support technologies to make it real. Food Ink a London based company, is one such company. They have already showcased their expertise at Byflow dinner events one of which was held at London 3D Printshow in May 2015.

We haven’t heard from them for a long time but they seem to back with a bang. The company has now announced that they would showcase the world's first 3D-printing restaurant which opens its doors to an exclusive group of guests on three consecutive evenings at 6 Dray Walk in Shoreditch.

The company plans to make a 9 course meal all of which would be 3D Printed by an international team of chefs, artists and technologists. Food Ink will not just showcase 3D Printed Food but also showcase eating utensils and furniture which is entirely produced through 3D printing.

The company’s website but their idea simply by saying that “we believe that technology needs to serve a purpose and we are using it to add magic to the magic. Simply put, we are putting at work most innovative technologies, like 3D-printing and augmented reality, in order to elaborate the most exquisite interactive edible experience. While there is no real magic here, our energy is dedicated to make every moment an enchantment.”

The world's first 3D-printing restaurant?

The Event would be open only for only invited delegates which would be able to enjoy the food being made live in front of them on these 3d printers. For others who aren’t fortunate enough to be a part of the live event in London could see the whole event on their live stream.

The London event is just the beginning as the company plans to do a world tour later this year with their 3D printed food concept. The expected venue for these events are Berlin, Dubai, Seoul, Rome, Tel Aviv, Barcelona, Paris, Amsterdam, Toronto, NYC, Taipei, Las Vegas, Sao Paolo, Tokyo, Austin, Singapore, Los Angeles, Cape Town, Sydney, Reykjavik.

While some may not have inclination towards the idea of a machine making food for them, they cease to accept the fact that most processes foods like biscuits and most savoury snack are too made by machines. This idea of a world tour of 3D Printed Food would go a long way in promoting the idea of a full-fledged 3d Printer that’s apt in making most of the type of food we eat today.

Image Credit:Food Ink&Youtube

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The world's first 3D-printing restaurant
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