Transforming 3D doodles to 3D models with GraitySketch app

26 Mar

Transforming 3D doodles to 3D models with GraitySketch app

I-pad s now providing apps that will allow its users to 3D print their doodles on their finger tips. With more and more new technologies to make 3D printing easier, accessible and effective i-pad has set new bar for the 3D printing markets. The GravitySketch is a new 3D modeling and designing app created by a Britsh startup, and was launched on App store yesterday. As the name suggests, it allows the users to sketch simple 3D designs that can be later send it to Shapeways for printing. It is platform designed to easily transform user’s ideas from basic sketches to 3D printed models that can also be shared online on social media or sketchfab.

GravitySketch is a true user friendly Cad program that anyone can use to create 3D models. The App is ideal for students and kids, who want to 3D print their own toys, or hobbyists that can 3D print their own creations. The App includes a simple set of tools that can easily turn a sketch into fully rendered 3D shapes within no time. 3D printing is used for all purposed namely clothing, artistic models or 3D printed crazy invention in variation to different creative ideas on daily basis.

GraitySketch app

With many barriers using CAD programs to create designs, the app aims at simplifying the process with imaginative creative processes and designs of new beginners that can design their models to be delivered at their doorstep. The app ensures minimal settings with maximum enjoyment. The mission is to minimize obstacle to 3D literacy and expand the accessibility to users that can help them create and manipulate 3D contents. With the prices of 3D printers facing a drop and the approaching rise of virtual reality technology, 3D literacy is also important and is one of the vital skills that can be used in a variety of industries.

The app uses a process called the “direct 3D generation”, that allows the users to simply design their ideas with simply moving fingertips on the screen of the i-pad, leading to generate a real time 3D printed model. There is no technical assistance or experience to get started with the app that enables the users to start sketching their 3D creativity. Simple symmetry algorithms and brushes allow the users to sketch objects like 3D pyramid, web, donut, sausage, or virtually any other 3D shape with just using their fingertips.

“We spoke with a lot of makers who told us they couldn’t express their creativity with the current 3D tools,” said Oluwaseyi Sosanya, GravitySketchco-founder. “Direct 3D generation is a more intuitive interaction than your traditional 3D software. This is because creativity relies more on spatial intelligence than logical or linguistic intelligences which form the base of most 3D modeling softwares.”

GraitySketch app

GravitySketch was established in October 2013 in London as a project of four Innovation Design Engineering students of the Royal College of Art. There after they received more back-up for the newly launched application from InnovationRCA, UnLtd SeeChange, and the James Dyson Foundation. GravitySketch team further hopes that the software soon finds its way in the hands of makers, artists and most significantly among the young children. The app will be a step forward in the learning process of 3D printing as most of the schools today are using i-pads as a learning tool. It will also help the students an opportunity to get acquainted with 3D drawing with the rising popularity of 3D printing industries.

"Ways to consume 3D content are exploding with mega trends like VR, AR and 3D printing,” said Alban Denoyel, Co-founder & CEO of Sketchfab. “There is a growing need for super easy ways to create 3D content. This app is beautifully answering that need, by offering a very intuitive way to sketch in 3D with a touch screen.”

GraitySketch app?

The GravitySketch team has tied-up with 3D design platforms like Sketchfab and global 3D printing marketplace Shapeways. Once the users hav finished designing the 3D model thay can send the design off to shapeways that will 3D print it and deliver it to the users in some days. The process eliminates two steps in the 3D printing process namely, investing in a 3D printer and preparing a design using difficult CAD software.

Image Source:Gravity Sketch

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Transforming 3D doodles to 3D models with GraitySketch app
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