Turn you voice into a jewelry with the 3D printed Encode Ring

11 Apr

Turn you voice into a jewelry with the 3D printed Encode Ring

The Japanese 3D printing service 3D wave has launched its latest product that is a personalized 3D printed ring. The Encode Ring has the shape of sound wave and is a personalized 3D printed ring.  The rings is made with the customer's voice using the audio data that is a 3 second video uploaded by the customer.

Japan has always been a country that has been setting new bars with its innovating and impressing fashion trends. With the new product from he creators of the 3D wave have successfully captured the science and fashion of the vibrant country.  The main aspect of the Encode Ring is that it has an element of personalization that has never been seen before. The creators of 3D wave decided to take personalized rings to a new level with making a 3D printed ring that is made with the song wave created by the voice of the customer.

Encode Ring

It is really very easy to print the 3D Encode Ring. It involves five simple steps into the process: Initially you have to record the voice or record the video of the person talking who wants to get their personalized ring. Later you have to upload the video to the official website of the Encode Ring choose the desired color and place you order. From there on th designers will use the 3D modelling software along with the song graph to create a 3D ring from the three second video sending the design back to you for the final approval. After the approval of the digital design Encode will then start the process of 3D printing the ring before plating, polishing and coloring it. The final step involves the impressive packaging that is housed in a beautiful black box with the company's ribbon logo. The Encode Ring will be delivered to you through the letter box within a period of one month after placing the order.

An amazing idea of turning the voice in to physical object is one that has set the 3D wave apart from others in the market that 3D print personalized rings. 3D printing has previously used by many in the jewelery industry to make personalized items like rings earrings etc. The Dutch goldsmith Cardillac Jewelers which has been in business for 27 years bought an Ultimaker 3D printer for creating a 3D printed "Face-to-Face" rings. These rings was a replica of the wearer or their loved ones. The concept of 3D waves Encode Ring and that of Cardillac Jewelers "Face-to-Face" complement each other and the wearer can wear both the faces as well as the voices on their fingers. 

Encode Ring?

The cost of each 3D orinted ring is $300 wirh internatuonal shipping. Further these 3D printed rings are available in five sizes ans 3 materials and colors viz 14k gold paint, 14k rose paint and premium silver. With every passing day 3D printing technology is giving new inspirations and innovations to the world. Soon there will be another aspect for the personalized items inspired with 3D printing technology.


Image Sourcet:Asia Times

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Turn you voice into a jewelry with the 3D printed Encode Ring
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