UAE and UNESCO to preserve Middle Eastern archaeological sites

30 Oct

UAE and UNESCO to preserve Middle Eastern archaeological sites

Yesterday we went all bonkers over how 3D Printing was being used to reinvent Dubai as a smart city and a technology driven economy. It’s a real paradigm shift as Dubai was always considered as an oil rich country plundering over its resources. It a proof that the UAE government is ready for change but the change comes with its own baggage’s, Dubai and the UAE government would have to take more responsibility and act like a big brother to its rouge neighbors and specially put an end to the barbaric acts of the Islamic State militantswho are busy destroyingancient artifacts and cultural heritage.

UAE and UNESCO 3d printing and 3d scanning?

ISIS claims that these building are symbols of Shirk or polytheism and stands against their ideology of Tawhid - Monotheism, but the real reason that I think for this mindless and shameless act of stupidity is to gain the attention from the International media. ISIS would also want to start their barbaric regime on a clean slate by wiping out the traces of any previous culture or civilization, so would we sit quietly and watch our history being destroyed by the senseless radicalism?

Over the past few months we have seen some momentum gain to preserve the archaeological sites but it’s certainly is not enough and a call to declare these acts as a crime against humanity is becoming the need of the hour. It is a global responsibility to protect these cultural landmarks and UNESCO has now jumped into the picture and officially declared their plans to save these historic ruins.

UNESCO will now team up with the UAE Government’s Dubai Museum of the Future Foundationand UK-based Institute for Digital Archaeology(IDA) a joint initiative by the Harvard University and the University of Oxford. This partnership will take into account the valuable contributions of the Middle Eastern region’s history and culture to the progress of humanity.

UAE and UNESCO 3d printing and 3d scanning?

According to the joint agreement with UNESCO the Team from Dubai Museum of the Future Foundation will take one million digital images of the archeological sites using 3D imaging technology before the end of 2015. These scan would be used as a masterplan to recreate and print replicas of the site in case its destroyed by the ISIS.

Dubai Museum of the Future Foundation plans to make an ultra-futuristic concept museum called the ‘tribute to mankind’ and these scan would be an extremely important part of the museum. This Museum would thus boost the claim of the UAE government to make Dubai a Technology driven economy.

Talking about this international joint venture Al Gergawi, the Vice Chairman of the Board of Trustees and Managing Director of Dubai Museum of the Future Foundation said "It is important to preserve heritage sites as they serve as a source of inspiration for innovators and pioneers to build the future. What we are doing today is part of our efforts to give back to the history of our region and build on the achievements of our rich past,"

Dr. Roger Michel, Executive Director of the Institute for Digital Archaeology, said “These symbols - the architecture and objects of the ancient world - speak powerfully to what unites the East and the West. The UAE is a great friend of this important work."

IriniaBokova, Director-General of UNESCO added "Extremists want to impose a different vision on the world. They want to tell us that there is no memory, that there is no culture, that there is no heritage. We join hands with Dubai Museum of the Future Foundation to participate in the effort to oppose the extremists' vision of the future and to help convey the history to future generations."

We really hope that this venture can help preserve as much as these heritage landmarks as crucial are a part of the great legacy of human achievements, and the fact that 3D Printing is an integral part of the grand plan makes me feel proud of being associated with this technology.

Image Credit:Dubai Museum of the Future Foundation

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UAE and UNESCO to preserve Middle Eastern archaeological sites
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