Ultimaker 2 Standard 3D Printer

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6 reviews   Rating: 4/5.
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Ultimaker 2 - Makes Easy Even Easier

Every inch of the Ultimaker 2 is designed to create the most effortless and reliable 3D printing experience ever. With ground-breaking 20 micron definition and near silent operation, it’s a leap forward in accurate 3D printing.

Lead Time: 2 Business days. Shipping from USA

Ultimaker 2


Easy nozzle exchange:

Simply screw them in and out in a matter of seconds and you’re ready to print.

Detailed 3D prints:

Create smaller, smoother and more detailed 3D prints using the 0.25mm nozzle.

High speed:

For a faster print screw in a 0.80mm nozzle and you’re good to go.



Quality Whatever The Quantity

The ingenious print head silently and precisely maps out your creation to an accuracy of 20 microns. It means print lines are barely perceivable creating a really smooth finish. And with its heated print bed and highly efficient dual fans, the Ultimaker 2 even takes overhangs and bridging in its stride. Did we mention it’s fast and incredibly reliable too?

Ultimaker 2


Ultimaker 2


Global Service & Support

When you buy any Ultimaker you get more than just a world-class 3D printer. You get the industry-leading support that comes with it. Whatever support you need, there’s always help on hand.


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Technical Specifications
Print size ( X Y Z ) 223 x 223 x 205 mm
The Layer Thickness 0.04 mm to 0.2 mm
Layer Resolution 20 microns
Filament Compatibility PLA, ABS and CPE
Filament Diameter 2.85 mm
Nozzle Diameter 0.4 mm
Print Speed 30 to 300 mm/sec
Print Plate (Build Platform) Heated bed (50° - 100° C)
Power Requirements 50 to 60 HZ, 221 Watt Max
Connectivity (Interface) Stand-alone SD card printing
3D printing Software Cura
CAD Input data file format supported STL / OBJ / DAE / AMF
Client Operating System Windows / Mac / Linux
Machine Dimensions 357 x 342 x 388 mm
Shipping box dimensions 400 x 400 x 550 mm
Machine weight 11.2 Kg
Shipping box weight 18 Kg
Lead time 2 Business days
Shipping Location USA
Manufacturer Warranty 12 Months (Excluding the hotend)
| 6 reviews
I find the Ultimaker 2 to be a very good machine, very reliable and the customer service is the very best I have ever experienced. If looking for a 3D Printer the Ultimaker 2 is a very safe bet.
| 6 reviews
Great out of the box printer. Built and supported in the USA. Have had some print problems but that is normal with this new tech. I will be buying another one soon.
| 6 reviews
I run three U2s, 1 at home and 2 at work, and I have been very happy with them so far. My home machine has been happily churning out Christmas ornaments that I designed for about 8 hours a day for the last three days. I'm a literature major, so I was looking for a printer that required the least technical wizardry possible, and the U2 has fit that bill. <p> Benefits:</p> <p>* Note that the heated print bed is a huge plus. On un-heated beds, prints tend to peel up, so people use glue sticks, hair spray, or painter's tape to make them stick better. (Yes, a Star Trek technology meets a 1970's era second grade classroom. OMG.) With a heated bed, the hot plastic that the printer lays down cools more slowly, so it doesn't contract and curl up.</p> <p>* fabrc8 has provided great support when I have had trouble (which you will with any 3D printer).</p> <p>* All of the components can be easily purchased, so you can replace stuff if it breaks; not the case with the last printer I used.</p> <p>* Ultimaker makes the slicing software Cura, so the machines work seamlessly with the software.</p> <p>Be sure to update the firmware BEFORE you try to load filament for the first time. The update makes the filament load at a better speed.</p>
| 6 reviews
Good value for the money. No issues to this point.
| 6 reviews
<p>This Ultimaker 2 is easy to set up, and it offers quality prints, ABS and PLA support as well as standalone and quiet operation. All of these factors make this a 3D printer that can ultimately be used easily by anyone.</p> <p>FOR:</p> <p>+ Ready to use straight from the box.</p> <p>+ SD card model loading.</p> <p>+ Fantastic Cura software.</p> <p>AGAINST:</p> <p>- Only designed to print PLA and ABS.</p> <p>- Care needs to be taken that filament doesn't catch at the back.</p> <p>- Not designed for tethered printing.</p>

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Ultimaker 2 Standard 3D Printer
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